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Useful advice when buying your first greenhouse

When you're trying to choose your new greenhouse, the difficult bit is to know where to start.

We would strongly recommend reading our buyers' guide.

We would all also recommend listening to this interview conducted by BBC Tees. Richard answers some common questions posed by first time greenhouse buyers.

Most popular greenhouse staging and shelving

If you're looking for some greenhouse staging then you've come to the right place. We have a huge range available when it comes to greenhouse staging and each design comes with its own benefits. The slatted surfaces of some of the designs means that air can circulate around the roots of your plants or if you're after extra grip, then opt for greenhouse staging with a ridged surface.

Most popular greenhouse accessories

Having a greenhouse can be a full time job. But the results are really rewarding so it's worth investing the time to make it a success. In order to keep a successful greenhouse though, you will need some greenhouse accessories. These can range from simple watering cans to hydroponics. Take a look through our range of greenhouse accessories to see what you need in order to make your greenhouse a success.

Most popular lean-to greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouses are a great idea if you are hoping to have a greenhouse attached to your home. These greenhouses lean against a wall and look as though they are half a full greenhouse. The wall on one side means that the heat in the greenhouse is much easier to control and these greenhouses can be the solution if you do not have much room to spare.

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