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Cheltenham Victorian Greenhouses


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Cheltenham Victorian

A brand new model for 2014 from Alton greenhouses. The Cedar Cheltenham Victorian half board model, 8ft wide is a new completely new. This greenhouse is an indigently designed robust greenhouse, using the same construction method as the rest of the Alton Evolution range. The finish, attention to detail and amount of material used to manufacture it is unprecedented at this price. All of the potential 'rot points' have been designed out of the greenhouse. If you opt for the Aluminium bar capping then you will have the ultimate cedar greenhouse - one that requires little to no maintenance.

This greenhouse is guaranteed not to rot for 10 years. That means that even if you don’t paint your greenhouse, any components that start to rot will be replaced at no cost. That said, we would recommend you treat your greenhouse every 3 years, this way your greenhouse could last 30, 40 maybe even 50 years.