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Alton Oakham Greenhouses


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Combining elegance with practicality, and adding a touch of style to your garden design, Alton proudly introduces its new Victorian models, blending modern design with Victorian sophistication. Each model is available in three styles - glass to ground, half boarded and dwarf wall.

Produced using the same construction method as the rest of the Alton Evolution range, with the same superb finish and attention to detail, these magnificent Victorian style models are made from the same richly coloured Western Red Cedar, and are expertly crafted in our Staffordshire workshop.

The Alton Oakham is a dwarf wall model, entered through a lockable, hinged cedar door, with long pane upper windows.  The threshold is extremely low level, providing unimpeded access, and is ideal for wheelchairs and wheelbarrows.  Starting at 6'5" by 10'9"ft, the length of the Oakham can be extended to any size, in 2' increments.  *Please wait for our official base plan before building your wall, to ensure you have the correct dimensions on which to build your greenhouse frame.

The secret to Alton's continued success, is in its clever design, as the traditional rot points have literally been designed out of the structure.  Every effort has been made to ensure that water is kept away from the timber, including overhanging, large pane glass, in both the roof and the walls.  Included in the price of the greenhouse, is a powder coated, aluminium base, which raises the frame above the damp ground, again, to prevent the onset of rot.

All of the toughened safety glass is firmly secured by a bar capping system, which comes in cedar as standard, but can be upgraded to aluminium, to further reduce the amount of timber exposed to the elements. As with all of the other aluminium components, this upgraded bar capping is powder coated in the same mellow Moss Green colour, complementing the warm hues of the cedar.

All Alton greenhouses come with a generous number of roof vents, each with an automatic opener for trouble free ventilation. And, as they also come with one or more side louvre vents, you can create a perfectly ventilated growing environment, as cool fresh air is drawn in through the louvre, pushing out warm stale air through the roof vent.  Consider adding auto openers to your louvres, and allow nature to decide on the amount of air-flow, as they automatically open and close with the change in temperature.

Staging and shelving can be a useful addition, increasing your growing capacity.  Alton offers a specially designed option, with matching Moss Green powder coating.   It runs the entire length of the greenhouse, and is screwed directly to the frame, with strong cantilevered supports.  This frees up the area below, providing extra growing or storage space.  Another benefit of Alton staging and shelving, is that it can be screwed in at any height, to suit your needs.

Although two coloured, cast aluminium finials come as standard, optional matching cresting will complete the classic Victorian look, complementing the the lofty 45 degree pitch to the roof, of this attractive garden building, and setting off the gothic-style Moss coloured spandrels, fixed internally at the ridge and eaves, which themselves, come as standard.

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