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Hercules Trafalgar Pastel Sage Greenhouse
6ft4 wide (1955mm) x 4ft6 long (1374mm)


(Including VAT)

Product id: 9534
  • Lockable Door
  • Pastel Sage finish
  • Toughened safety glass (full sheet)
  • Sliding door
  • Bar capping
  • Free 10 Year Guarantee
  • 1 x Roof vent
  • 1 x Louvre vent
  • 1 x Automatic opener
  • Hanging basket rail
  • High eaves
  • Low level threshold
  • Integral gutter with downpipes
  • Installation available for a fee


  • Ward 100L Slim Waterbutt

    More information
    Ward 100L Slim Waterbutt

    This waterbutt is finished in an attractive green finish and is made from durable plastic.

    It has a capacity of 100 litres and comes complete with a tap and a lid which has secure fit.

    950mm x 380mm x 380mm

  • Robinsons 2 x Finials only Pastel Sage

    More information
    Robinsons 2 x Finials only Pastel Sage

    Finials made from solid cast aluminium. If you opt to buy cresting and finials then you do not need to purchase this product.Fits Hercules and Robinsons models.

  • Simplicity Auto louvre opener

    Out of stock
    Simplicity Auto louvre opener

    This mechanical device is designed to automatically open and close a louvre vent, in response to temperature. A wax-like substance, contained in the cylinder, expands with heat, operating a piston which opens the louvre via a linkage arm. As the temperature falls, the process reverses, and a spring closes the louvre. There is also an adjustment knob, which enables the opening temperature to be altered to between 15 and 25 degrees centigrade.

    Some simple drilling is required to fit the opener to the side of the louvre vent.

  • Robinsons Cresting and finials 4ft Pastel Sage

    More information
    Robinsons Cresting and finials 4ft Pastel Sage

    Cresting and finials made from solid cast aluminum

  • Atlas Pastel Sage Atlas Staging 4ft long 2ft wide

    More information
    Atlas Pastel Sage Atlas Staging 4ft long 2ft wide

    -Wheelchair friendly

    - Extend to any length
    - Height adjustable
    - No legs
    This new staging has been specifically designed for the extra strong Hercules Greenhouse.The Atlas staging bolts directly to the greenhouse frame using cantilever braces. This unique design results in an extremely sturdy kind of staging which will also strengthen your greenhouse (even more).
    Although this staging should fit any greenhouse?we only recommend that you fit it to a Hercules greenhouse as it is the only one which is strong enough!
    The 'no-legs'Cantilever set up means you can use the floor under the staging effectively for heavy pots or bags of compost without cluttering your main path.
  • Ward Slim Waterbutt Stand

    More information
    Ward Slim Waterbutt Stand

    Suitable for the 100l Slim Waterbutt. This stand raises the water butt high enough to be able to place a watering can below the tap. This item is essential if you don't intend to make your own stand for your waterbutt.


    Diameter 17.5"/45cm (bottom) 16"/41cm (top)

    Height 12"/30cm

  • Hercules Special Trafalgar downpipe Kit

    More information
    Hercules Special Trafalgar downpipe Kit
    The Special Trafalgar Downpipe kit is designed to be used, in conjunction with the standard downpipe kit (supplied with the greenhouse),to join the gutters up across the rear of a Hercules Trafalgar greenhouse, in order to direct rainwater into a single container.  This is useful in circumstances where space is limited and there is only sufficient room for one water butt.
    The kit comprises 2metres of 36mm diameter pipe, one 90degree bend, one 45degree bend, one 'T' piece collar and two fixing clips.


Use the controls at the bottom of the video, or use your mouse to view the interior of this greenhouse.

Hercules October offer: Extra £75 off every £1000 spent
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Hercules - Superior Strength,Good Standard Features & Great Value!

The Hercules Trafalgar range has all the features that help create the perfect greenhouse environment, and its structure has been specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, especially the wind.

All Hercules models include lots of roof vents (all automatic) and a suitable number of louvre side vents.  Additional ones can be added, if you require them.

Hercules has more metal in the frame and has extra cantilever braces in the roof for strength. If you live in a windy area, Hercules is the greenhouse for you.

Good quality downpipes are included as standard, and come with a 45 degree bend for you to easily run the downpipe into a water butt. A good range of extra bends and T pieces are also available.

There is an 18" high pane of toughened glass all around the bottom of the greenhouse  - Should you accidentally ever flick a stone up from your lawnmower and break a pane, it is small, easy and cheap to replace.

All glass is held in with full length PVC 'bar capping' - This eliminates the traditional greenhouse clips and is far neater and stronger in the wind.

Hanging basket rails are also included.  These full length rails are made from sturdy T-section and you can hang your baskets straight from them, making them easier to plant up and grow on.

Many greenhouses on the market have a step at the door which can be inconvenient. Hercules greenhouses have a level threshold, which is ideal for wheelchair or wheelbarrow access - and no step for you.

The single sliding door is lockable, keeping it firmly closed when it's windy. It can also be locked with a key, for additional security.

Greenhouse dimensions diagram
  • A = Base width: 1,955mm (6ft4).
  • B = Length: 1,374mm (4ft6).
  • C = Eaves height: 1,670mm (5ft5).
  • D = Ridge height: 2,373mm (7ft9).
  • E = Door width: 600mm (1ft11).
  • F = Door height: 1,900mm (6ft2).

Q. Does this greenhouse need a metal base or can I put it straight onto level stone slabs? Also, how much staging do you think would be enough? I have never owned a greenhouse, but am now trying to decide which to buy! I am torn between the Hercules or the Simplicity Ultimate package... 6ft x 5ft is the biggest I can go for, as I have a small space. Thanks

A. Hello, this one can go straight onto the slabs and comes with the fixings to attach it to the floor. A 4ft run on staging and 4ft run of shelving is usually what most people go for. The Hercules is certainly a much stronger greenhouse than the Simplicity, it also has a low level threshold and hanging basket rails.

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28 reviews of Hercules Trafalgar
Average rating: (4.9)

by Ella Honeyman

Love it love it, looks absolutely great blends in with garden.

by Jason Gilliver

A couple of months ago I bought a Hercules Trafalgar Green 6ft4 x 8ft6 greenhouse, Atlas Green shelving both 1ft wide x 6ft long and 2ft wide x 6ft long, Simplicity Caverswall three Tier 1ft wide x 4ft long and a Bio Green Phoenix greenhouse heater. This is my second greenhouse purchase from The Greenhouse People. My first was a 8x6 AGL. I have recently moved and left the other greenhouse behind. My major gripe with the AGL was one of the reasons I chose the Trafalgar. I am 6ft 1? and found both the auto vents and the roof of the AGL kept bumping my head. The eaves in the Trafalgar are higher and I no longer have to worry about blinding myself with the auto vents or banging my head on the glass anywhere in the greenhouse. As this is my second greenhouse I have dealt with the Greenhouse People at gardening shows, over the phone, Internet and at their show site near Derby. Every instance of contact with them has been first class and I couldn't rate them higher. The delivery driver was particularly good. He unloaded all of my order, moved it around the back of the house and stacked it very neatly on my patio ready for me to get started. He was very pleasant ( and it was very early in the morning as well ). He then went through some hints and tips about erecting the greenhouse. Firstly build it one day and glaze it the next and secondly spray WD40 down the channels the glazing rubber will run in. I erected the greenhouse by myself. I really like these kind of jobs and as with all things of this nature I did scratch my head a couple of times wondering how things went together but I took my time and made sure every detail was correct ( I am a perfectionist ). Once I got all of the sides and roof made I used quick cramps to hold the sides together whilst I bolted it all together. My fiance helped with the glazing on the second day, I think mainly to her seeing me having way too much fun and wanted in on the action. The glazing took just over an hour. Once bolted to the floor I was very impressed with how solid the whole thing was. This was made only better by adding the hanging basket rails. I still need to add the downpipes and a water-butt. The whole thing is very neat and strong, it complements the garden rather than detract from it. The staging is also worth a mention. Without any legs, it means sweeping up etc is made much easier. Also with the 1ft wide staging, I have put this higher up. My intention is to not only use it to put things on, but because its so strong, I will use it for tying supports to for tomatoes and cucumbers etc. The heater is great, not sure what the costs are to run it as I have not had a bill yet. I had a calor gas heater before and whilst it got hotter it was such a hassle to get the replacement gas bottles every couple of weeks for it. Temperature wise, I have had it on number 9 (goes up to 10) of the hottest setting and that has kept it between 14.2 and 24 whilst its been between -5 and +10 outside. I have marked the heater 4 out of 5, which is a little harsh as its great, neat and clean, plus easy to use. I just wish it would hold the night time temp above 15c without being on full power. Overall very happy with all of my purchases and would highly recommend them and The Greenhouse People.

by Lesley Silke

Looked at the greenhouses on the internet but decided to go and look at them in person. Was very pleased with the advice given at the centre, ended up buying a more expensive greenhouse. Have been able to put a deposit down and will have the greenhouse delivered later in the year. Excellent service all round.

by Roy Walker

Very happy with the product, and with the tele support we received when struggling to erect it. Some of the instructions could have been a little clearer, but this is a minor detail

by H Heathcote

We found the greenhouse to be very sturdy and strong. It was rather tricky to build but it was our first time! We are really pleased with the end result though.It looks attractive in the garden and offers well designed use of space.Thank you.

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4.9 Average 28 Reviews

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