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Alton Cambridge Greenhouse
9ft10 wide (3007mm) x 29ft1 long (8871mm)


(Including VAT)

Product id: 9672
  • Toughened safety glass (full sheet)
  • Free 10 Year Guarantee
  • 8 x roof vents with Automatic opening
  • 6 x Louvre vents
  • Guttering and Downpipes both sides
  • High eaves
  • Hinged single door
  • Extremely strong Cedar framework
  • Installation available for a fee


  • Alton 10 moss hanging basket brackets

    More information
    Alton 10 moss hanging basket brackets

     10 x Hanging basket bracket (10 pack) with a green finish

  • Alton 4 slat (25") wide Aluminium Staging (Moss) 28ft

    More information
    Alton 4 slat (25") wide Aluminium Staging (Moss) 28ft

    -Wheelchair friendly

    - Extend to any length
    - Height adjustable
    - No legs
    The 'no-legs'Cantilever set up means you can use the floor under the staging effectively for heavy pots or bags of compost without cluttering your main path.
  • Alton 6 Slat Louvre moss

    More information
    Alton 6 Slat Louvre moss

    Fitting neatly into the side panes of your greenhouse, Robinsons louvre vents provide valuable extra ventilation to help ensure healthier plants & produce. 

    The photo shows an optional auto louvre opener (extra cost), as standard the louvre comes with handle to open and close the vent.
  • Alton Additional victorian end door (i.e door in gable end)

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    Alton Additional victorian end door (i.e door in gable end)

    An extra end door will allow access to both ends of the greenhouse. Your greenhouse will automatically be adjusted so no extra work at the time of installation is required to fit the second door. 

  • Alton Bar Capping set (Moss Green) for Cambridge HB 28ft

    More information
    Alton Bar Capping set (Moss Green) for Cambridge HB 28ft

    Evolution models come with a Cedar capping system to retain theglass.You can upgrade this to an aluminium system which is coatedin an attractive powdercoated Moss colour. This makes your greenhouse virtually maintenance free.

  • Alton Evolution Cresting (Moss) 28ft for Victorian with porch

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    Alton Evolution Cresting (Moss) 28ft for Victorian with porch

    Cresting and finials made from solid cast aluminum

  • Alton Evolution Internal roof shading blind

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    Alton Evolution Internal roof shading blind

    Designed to fit all Alton brand rectangular greenhouses. Not suitable for octagonal greenhouses.

    Alton Evolution Internal roof shading blinds can be used to protect plants from strong sunlight or to provide insulation over winter. The flexible nature of the fabric will allow automatic roof vents to operate without interference. 
  • Alton Evolution louvre opener

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    Alton Evolution louvre opener

    Automatic attachment for a Louvre vent, fits most louvres.  Its fully adjustable to open over a range of temperatures.

    Some drilling is required to fit.

  • Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra 2.5l

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    Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra 2.5l

    One of the most regular questions that we get asked is how to care for your new summerhouse - in particular what to treat it with.

    In many ways, this can be a matter of personal opinion: Some people prefer to let the cedar fade down to its natural silvery-grey colour. A new building will begin this mellowing process as soon as it is assembled and will be noticeable after just a few weeks and will be quite silver after a year. If you like this mellow look then you can re-apply the same treatment that we use in the factory - a clear Barrattine wood protector formula every couple of years. This helps to prolong the life of the wood and reduces staining but does not alter the mellowing process. This treatment is easy to just use when needed

    If you would really prefer to try and keep the original cedar colour in the wood then we can recommend using this Osmo oil product on new Summerhouses and Greenhouses as it prolongs the colour of new cedar by protecting it from Uv light. It is quite a viscous product so needs to be applied with a brush and will need 2-3 coats for best results.

    This high-quality product is in effect a sun block for your wooden building. A 2.5l tin will be enough to coat a 6’x8’ summerhouse building approximately four times. Due to the effectiveness of this product, your building may only need treating every couple of years. Only the exterior of your building will require treating.

    IMPORTANT: In the case of a summerhouse; we recommend using this product a couple of weeks after construction. This will ensure that the cedar has had time to air-dry but has not yet started to fade. In the case of a greenhouse, it is better to coat the individual parts whilst the greenhouse is flat packed before assembly. Bear in mind that you will need multiple coats and there is a long drying time.

    Osmo uv-protection-oil extra is a satin, Clear finish for exterior. It is based on natural oils, is microporous, and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. Osmo uv-protection-oil extra prolongs the renovation time significantly. As a stand alone finish, with two coats, It prolongs the greying process on vertical surfaces by up-protection factor 12 compared to untreated wood. The finish contains active ingredients which protect it from mould, algae and fungal attack. Easy to renew, no sanding or primer necessary. Easy to apply, will not dry during application.

  • Alton Shelf 1ft wide 28ft Long (Moss)

    More information
    Alton Shelf 1ft wide 28ft Long (Moss)
    - Wheelchair friendly
    - Extend to any length
    - Height adjustable
    - No legs
    2 slat (12") wide Aluminium Shelf (Moss)
    The 1ft wide high level shelf adds vital extra storage space in the greenhouse and helps you to create a most efficient set-up.


This new porch model from alton has been long awaited by gardeners. The Victorians knew a thing or two about greenhouses, they took them very seriously to protect their expensive exotic plants that were brought back by explorers overseas. the steep pitch of 45 degrees on these models gives better water run-off, better light transmission and a more airy feel inside the greenhouse.

The porch design adds a real feature to your greenhouse and enables access from the long side and will look superb in your garden.

Also included are cast aluminium spandrels at eaves and ridge these give another element to the victorian design and strengthen the greenhouse.


All Alton greenhouses are treated in the factory with a clear, spirit based protective treatment. This enables the cedar to mellow down to its silvery grey colour in an even manner over the first year or so of its life. Customers who want to preserve the original cedar colour often add a further treatment before assembly such as an osma oil, however Cedar is used for greenhouses because of its natural rot resistant properties which means that in practice, constant re-treatment is not essential for a long lifespan. Your ten year guarantee covers you against rot even if you never treat it (although you must clean it once a year to remove algae and moss etc)

Greenhouse dimensions diagram with porch
  • A = Base width: 3,007mm (9ft10).
  • B = Length: 8,871mm (29ft1).
  • C = Eaves height: 1,708mm (5ft7).
  • D = Ridge height: 3,070mm (10ft).
  • E = Door width: 719mm (2ft4).
  • F = Door height: 2,012mm (6ft7).
  • G = Porch width: 1,902mm (6ft2).
  • H = Body length: 2,560mm (8ft4).
  • J = Porch height: 2,695mm (8ft10).
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Alton Victorian Cambridge 9ft PORCHED half board greenhouse instructions - Click here to view

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Alton Victorian Cambridge Porched Model 9x28 HB - Click here to view

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Alton Victorian Cheltenham 8ft half board extension instructions - Click here to view

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Delivery of this greenhouse to Mainland England and Wales is FREE, parts of Scotland may be subject to a small charge. Delivery costs will be calculated and displayed at checkout before any payment is required

You will be contacted with a delivery date when your greenhouse is ready. This greenhouse is delivered straight from the factory on dedicated transport.

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