What is the best greenhouse brand to buy?

We sell a variety of different brand greenhouses, ranging from mid-range to the very best money can buy. Every greenhouse we sell comes with at least a 10 Year guarantee, so we only sell brands that we know are going to last.  A very common question we have from customers is 'Which greenhouse brand is the best to buy?'   This article will try and give you all the information you need to decide on which brand of greenhouse best suits you.

Mid range

Simplicity greenhouses and Halls greenhouses. Simplicity is brand we manufacture, and is the most popular brand we sell, and are arguably the best value greenhouses in our range. They are normally slightly cheaper than the equivalent Halls brand greenhouse, but this does not mean it is inferior, it is simply down to economics of scale.  Simplicity and Halls are very similar, the main differences being that the Simplicity range is bigger and the glazing clips are a superior folded stainless steel vs the traditional zinc coated wire clips found in a halls building.