The worlds biggest vegetables

A lot of time, effort and emotion can go into growing vegetables and so it can be immensely satisfying when you finally see the fruits (or vegetables!) of your labour. Now imagine the ecstasy if your vegetables had grown to be the equivalent weight of a young child, a grown woman, or even a small car!

This is the stunning reality of some of the world-record breaking vegetables that have been grown. But don’t be fooled, these are not the result of any accident! Much thought and preparation goes into growing these giants. Impressed? We have given an example of how you can give growing your own a go with our tips on how to set about supersizing your tomato crop!

So take your pumpkins from paltry to prodigious and your carrots from compact to colossal by checking out our infographic, “The World’s Largest Vegetables and How To Grow Them”!

The worlds biggest vegetables

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