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  • ROOT!T Baby Plant Feed

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    ROOT!T Baby Plant Feed
    ROOT!T First Feed gives plants the best start in life. Specially formulated with a leading UK university, ROOT!T First Feed contains everything required for healthy growing during this crucial stage including Boron and Calcium for the fastest healthiest root development.

    Overall benefits of ROOT!T First Feed

    Promotes fast and healthy root development.
    Proven to reduce standard rooting times.
    Boosts resistance to infection and disease.
    Increases your chance of success at this difficult and crucial stage.
    Provides the basis for overall healthy plants.
    How ROOT!T First Feed works
    Healthy roots are essential for promoting successful vegetative growth and flowering ? and this is exactly what ROOT!T First Feed promotes! ROOT!T First Feed contains key ratios of vital nutrients proven to promote the best possible plant growth during this crucial stage. 

    Boron and Calcium for the fastest root growth
    ROOT!T First Feed contains Boron and Calcium, widely known to be essential for root growth. For the fastest root growth possible, these nutrients need to be supplied at a specific ratio which ROOT!T First Feed provides. Allowing you to achieve the best possible propagation results. 

    Vitamin B1 to increase resistance to infection
    ROOT!T First Feed contains Vitamin B1 which encourages your plants to produce chemicals that increase their resistance to infection. ?A bit like having an army ready to fight before invasion has occurred!? By supplying plants with Vitamin B1, ROOT!T First Feed increases transplant success. 

    Humates for further improved health and growth
    ROOT!T First Feed contains Humic and Fulvic acids that promote a healthy root system and increase nutrient uptake for excellent growth and improved development. 

    For the best possible propagation results we recommend using as a presoak with ROOT!T Rooting Sponges. If taking cuttings we also recommend ROOT!T Rooting Gel. This 3 product set of Rooting Sponges, Rooting Gel and First Feed are proven to advance the striking and growing of cuttings.
    NPK 2.0/1.15/2.3
    Just a few drops to start your crops
    Stronger and healthier roots
    Faster plant development
    Use in the first few weeks of growth
  • ROOT!T Gel 4 Plugs rooting Gel

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    ROOT!T Gel 4 Plugs rooting Gel
    ROOT!T Gel4Plugs Rooting Gel is the first rooting gel specifically formulated for use with growing media.
    ROOT!T Gel4Plugs Rooting Gel will root in 3-4 days, with no visible wilt, more root development and happy stress free clones from day one!
    This fantastic product comes in a gel that stays firm in the plug replacing the need for hormone rooting powder.
    ROOT!T Gel4Plugs Rooting Gel, unlike other rooting gels is placed directly into the central cavity of the plug. The gel forms a seal around the cut surface of the cutting, aiding uptake and helping prevent dehydration and infection.
    It will work equally effectively with rooting sponges, stonewool, peat plugs, coco coir plugs, fibre or compost.

    Rooting Gel 150ml.
  • ROOT!T Postal Pack

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    ROOT!T Postal Pack
    Post cuttings and seedlings to your family and friends with the ROOT!T Postal Pack.
    This robust postal propagator comes complete with 5 ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges offering the latest and fastest rooting. Simply take your cuttings/seedlings, place on the windowsill until plants develop then post, its that easy. No need for an outer envelope simply write the postal address on the label provided and send to your family and friends.
    The ROOT!T Postal Pack is the perfect gift for all ages.
    Designed for posting cuttings, seeds & young plants
    Ready to use with 5 R00T!T Natural Rooting Sponges
    No mess no fuss - just excellent results
    Safe, simple & easy to use
    The ideal gift for family & friends
  • ROOT!T Propagation Kit

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    ROOT!T Propagation Kit
    The kit comes complete with a medium size propagator, a 24 cell insert and tray, filled with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges that offer the latest and fastest rooting available today, a sterile scalpel, ROOT!T Gel4Plugs Rooting Gel & ROOT!T First Feed and a book on how to grow from cuttings or seeds. The ideal introduction kit to propagation!

    Size: L 38cm x W 24cm x H 18.5cm

    Maximise your success rate
    Faster more vigorous rooting
    Organic and fully biodegradable
    Simple to use and easy to pot on
    No mess, no fuss, just excellent results 

    What's inside?

    1 High quality propagator
    24 cell insert with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges
    ROOT!T First Feed
    ROOT!T Gel4Plugs Rooting Gel
    1 Sterilised Scalpel
    'How to' guide on achieving great results from your cuttings & seeds
  • ROOT!T Rooting Sponges 50 refill bag

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    ROOT!T Rooting Sponges 50 refill bag
    Maximise your success rate and grow faster, more vigorous roots with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges ? the latest innovation in propagation.

    Not only are they simple to use and easy to pot on. This bag of 50 sponges can be used to refill trays or used on there own on a bed of perlite or Vermiculite.

    The bag is resealable to help ensure that each ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge is kept in perfect condition.

    Maximise your success rate
    Faster more vigorous rooting
    Organic and fully biodegradable
    Simple to use and easy to pot on
    No mess, no fuss, just excellent results

This is the perfect cutting and germination product.
24 ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges supplied in a specially designed insert and drip tray that can also be used as a germination lid. This ROOT!T 24 Filled Insert & Tray offers the latest and fastest rooting medium.

The large drain hole facilitates easy de-plugging and specially designed irrigation channels in the tray allow excess water drainage. The insert and tray are manufactured from fully re-cycled HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), are tough, durable and fit standard seed tray size propagators.

Maximise your success rate
Faster more vigorous rooting
Organic and fully biodegradable
Simple to use and easy to pot on
No mess, no fuss, just excellent results
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1 reviews of ROOT!T 24 Filled insert & Tray
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by Elisabeth Hill

Bought in anticipation of next seasons sweet peas. Good system recommended by all professional growers

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