Hercules Blenheim Old Cottage Green Greenhouse Ultimate Package
8ft5 wide (2575mm) x 10ft7 long (3234mm)

Blenheim 8x10 professional package

Ultimate Package
Was £3,094.00, Then £2,320.00
Now £1,999.00
Ends: 21st December 2018
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  • Durable powder coated green finish
  • Toughened safety glass (full sheet)
  • Double sliding doors
  • Bar capping
  • Free 10 Year Guarantee
  • 3 x Roof vents
  • 2 x Louvre vents
  • 3 x Automatic opener
  • Hanging basket rail
  • Guttering and Downpipes both sides
  • High eaves
  • 10ft run of Atlas staging
  • 10ft run of Atlas shelving
  • Installation available for a fee


  • Ward 100L Slim Waterbutt

    More information
    Ward 100L Slim Waterbutt

    This waterbutt is finished in an attractive green finish and is made from durable plastic.

    It has a capacity of 100 litres and comes complete with a tap and a lid which has secure fit.

    950mm x 380mm x 380mm

  • Hercules 2 x Hercules Finials only Old Cottage Green

    More information
    Hercules 2 x Hercules Finials only Old Cottage Green

    Finials made from solid cast aluminium. If you opt to buy cresting and finials then you do not need to purchase this product.

  • Simplicity Auto louvre opener

    More information
    Simplicity Auto louvre opener

    This mechanical device is designed to automatically open and close a louvre vent, in response to temperature. A wax-like substance, contained in the cylinder, expands with heat, operating a piston which opens the louvre via a linkage arm. As the temperature falls, the process reverses, and a spring closes the louvre. There is also an adjustment knob, which enables the opening temperature to be altered to between 15 and 25 degrees centigrade.

    Some simple drilling is required to fit the opener to the side of the louvre vent.

  • Hercules Blenheim Partition (Old Cottage Green)

    More information
    Hercules Blenheim Partition (Old Cottage Green)

     Internal partitions will enable you to create a separate growing environment within your greenhouse, and come with a single door.


  • Hercules Extra Double Doors Old Cottage Green

    More information
    Hercules Extra Double Doors Old Cottage Green

    Extra double door suitable for the Hercules Blenheim, Naseby, Hastings and Bosworth.

  • Hercules Extra Hercules Roof vent Old Cottage Green with XL opener

    More information
    Hercules Extra Hercules Roof vent Old Cottage Green with XL opener

    Extra roof vent for Hercules brand greenhouses.

    As standard these vents come with top quality Bayliss XL automatic openers adjust with the climate to provide essential extra ventilation when warm for increasing levels of air circulation. One less thing for you to remember.

  • Simplicity Hercules Old Cottage Green Cresting and finials 10ft

    More information
    Simplicity Hercules Old Cottage Green Cresting and finials 10ft

    Cresting and finials made from solid cast aluminum

  • Simplicity Louvre Old Cottage Green

    More information
    Simplicity Louvre Old Cottage Green


    Made from aluminium and comes complete with 5 toughened glass slats. 

    Add louvres to your greenhouse to improve air circulation and prevent plants diseases. The louvre replaces a 24" x 18" (610mmx457mm) piece of glass, however if you are ordering this louvre with a greenhouse, we will adapt the glass plan for you accordingly.

    It comes with a manual handle so that you have complete control of the air flow, however if you wish for this to be automatic opening according to the temperature, then team it up with the thermoforce auto-louvre opener. 



  • Ward Slim Waterbutt Stand

    More information
    Ward Slim Waterbutt Stand

    Suitable for the 100l Slim Waterbutt. This stand raises the water butt high enough to be able to place a watering can below the tap. This item is essential if you don't intend to make your own stand for your waterbutt.


    Diameter 17.5"/45cm (bottom) 16"/41cm (top)

    Height 12"/30cm

  • Hercules Special Blenheim downpipe Kit

    More information
    Hercules Special Blenheim downpipe Kit
    This special Rainwater kit is designed for use in conjunction with a basic rainwater kit supplied as standard with your new Hercules Blenheim. The kit comes with all the bits required to take water from one gutter across the back of the greenhouse to the gutter downpipe on the opposite side. This is an ideal solution for customers who only wish to have a single water butt to collect rain water.


Use the controls at the bottom of the video, or use your mouse to view the interior of this greenhouse.


The Hercules Blenheim range has all the features that help create the perfect greenhouse environment, and its structure has been specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, especially the wind.

All Hercules models include lots of roof vents (all automatic) and a suitable number of louvre side vents.  Additional ones can be added, if you require them.

Hercules has more metal in the frame and has extra cantilever braces in the roof for strength. If you live in a windy area, Hercules is the greenhouse for you.

Good quality downpipes are included as standard, and come with a 45 degree bend for you to easily run the downpipe into a water butt. A good range of extra bends and T pieces are also available.

There is an 18" high pane of toughened glass all around the bottom of the greenhouse  - Should you accidentally ever flick a stone up from your lawnmower and break a pane, it is small, easy and cheap to replace.

All glass is held in with full length PVC 'bar capping' - This eliminates the traditional greenhouse clips and is far neater and stronger in the wind.

Hanging basket rails are also included.  These full length rails are made from sturdy T-section and you can hang your baskets straight from them, making them easier to plant up and grow on.

Many greenhouses on the market have a step at the door which can be inconvenient. Hercules greenhouses have a level threshold, which is ideal for wheelchair or wheelbarrow access - and no step for you.

The sliding double doors are lockable, keeping them firmly closed when it's windy. They can also be locked with a key, for additional security.

This Professional Package comes complete with a run of integral staging and shelving down one side.  Designed specifically for the Hercules, it has strong cantivered supports, which are bolted directly to the frame of the greenhouse.  As there are no vertical legs in the way, it frees up valuable space for growing or storage.

Greenhouse dimensions diagram
  • A = Base width: 2,575mm (8ft5).
  • B = Length: 3,234mm (10ft7).
  • C = Eaves height: 1,670mm (5ft5).
  • D = Ridge height: 2,578mm (8ft5).
  • E = Door width: 1,200mm (3ft11).
  • F = Door height: 1,900mm (6ft2).

Q. How strong is the toughened glass on the Hercules?

A. Should you have any questions please call us on 01782 398600. The Greenhouse People Toughened SAFETY Glass is approximately 2.9mm - 3.2mm thick and meets British Standards. Due to it's flexibility over Horticultural (Brittle) Glass it can be produced in large sheets and take impacts such as a football (NOT a Cricket ball or similar though) without breaking. If Toughened Safety Glass breaks it shatters into tiny pieces (about 6mm in diameter) which are much less likely to cause serious injury than the shards & points that Horticultural glass breaks into. Producers of toughened glass advertise that it is 5-6 times stronger than Horticultural Glass.

Q. do this greenhouse come with a base

A. Greenhouses with less metal in the main framework tend to need a metal base to add extra strength and rigidity to the whole structure. A base is simply not required on a Hercules due to the thickness of the extrusion and design of the building. This is one of the strongest greenhouses around, the frame will not twist and flex because it has no base. Not having to use a base is an advantage! You don?t have to step into the greenhouse, perfect for wheelchair or wheel barrow access.

Q. How is greenhouse fixed to the ground without a base? Wanting to put G/h directly onto soil?

A. A footing is required for this greenhouse, for example a concrete strip footing or a rim of paving slabs.

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