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Compact Plug Plant Trainer (Pack of 2)

Compact Plug Plant Trainer (Pack of 2)

by Paul Chartier

I have been looking for these for some time. Although produced locally none of the local garden centres seem to stock this. The Greenhouse People's price was competitive, and knowing it as a reliable source made the purchase. Not tried yet but the short online video ( was convincing. A well-designed and constructed product.

Universal glass separator white
8697 Rotoroll Evolution Automatic 30m
Slimline Green Eco Heater - 55W Tube heater with thermostat (500mm)
2kW Greenhouse fan heater v2.0
Caverswall Three Tier 18" Wide x 2ft Long
Cold frame 4ftx2ft

Cold frame 4ftx2ft

by Dave Harper

Bought a small greenhouse earlier this year. After a couple of missing item problems were sorted out, without any delay from the Greenhouse people, they got themselves a customer who came back to spend with them again. Would I recommend them? Yes, definitely.

Babbington 10ft x 18"

Babbington 10ft x 18"

by Michael Perowne

All fitted together well and simply and when left loose until installed allowed for floor imperfections An electric hand drill made it very easy work

Caverswall Two Tier 18" Wide x 4ft Long

Caverswall Two Tier 18" Wide x 4ft Long

by Hugh Collins

It took about an hour to put together, but it was fairly straightforward. It looks good and is suitable for my purpose of stacking trays of plants in my green house. I plan to buy some more.

Digital Max/Min thermometer Green
Greenhouse Thermometer with max/min function White
Cabon Steel Japanese Razor Hoe - Left Handed
Carbon Steel Japanese Razor Hoe- Right Handed
Carbon Steel Japanese Razor Hoe- Right Handed
Heater Set  2kW Greenhouse fan heater + Digital max/min thermometer
Paraffin single burner greenhouse heater
Spare wick Pack of 4 wicks for single and double burner
Single sided polycarbonate cold frame **Old cottage green**
12 x Glass Stops- LGLASSSTOPS
Downpipes (pair)

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