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Welcome to The Greenhouse People’s world of greenhouses!  We actually manufacture about 70% of what we sell in our Staffordshire factory including Robinsons, Alton, and models from the Simplicity and Hercules brands.

There is a massive range to choose from and you might find it overwhelming at first, but remember that we are here to help and guide you through them all if required. On this website we tend to group greenhouses together by width, so the first thing to do is establish roughly what size you need for your garden.

Then choose your material – do you want aluminium or wooden?  Some of the wooden models such as the Alton Evolution models can be made relatively maintenance free through the addition of the optional aluminium bar capping, but all aluminium greenhouses should be pretty low maintenance.

Other things to bear in mind are ventilation, colour, rainwater collection, glazing type (e.g horticultural glass, toughened glass or polycarbonate) staging and shelving inside and strength in windy weather.

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