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Gas Heaters

The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of greenhouses and accessories, including a range of gas heaters designed to create the perfect growing environment for crops.

Greenhouses provide a warm and humid environment to enjoy healthy plants year-round when the temperature outside is too cool or prone to extreme drops. Our gas heaters help to raise and maintain high temperatures quickly to avoid the damaging effects of cold spells and frost.

Compared with electric and paraffin heaters, gas heaters release CO2, which is beneficial for plants by making them more productive. Shop our range of gas greenhouse heaters below.


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Gas heaters

The Greenhouse People stocks a range of accessories to suit every size, shape, setup and budget. View our range of compact 1.5kW heaters, as well as a variety of larger models designed to increase and maintain temperatures in spacious greenhouses.

Plus, our gas heaters come with built-in or compatible thermostats, helping to achieve accurate temperatures for optimal results. The difference between a few degrees is key when looking to get the most out of your crops – and our greenhouse heaters give you this control at your fingertips.

For more information on finding the perfect gas greenhouse heater, check out our accessories buyer’s guide or chat with our team today.

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