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The Greenhouse People has over 30 years’ experience supporting UK gardening projects with a range of accessories including garden planters.

Our raised beds are designed to support the healthy growth of your fruit and vegetables, plants and more. This is because they offer better drainage compared with traditional planting and allow you to lay fresh soil without the need for tilling.

We offer a range of raised beds, including plastic and timber models and various grow bed accessories including covers, to assist all your gardening projects.


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Enjoy effortless gardening with a garden planter from The Greenhouse People. Grow beds offer an ergonomic alternative to traditional planting that is kinder on your back by being raised above ground level. This also provides a barrier against pests that can affect your crops.

Choose from our selection of raised beds in various shapes and sizes to suit any garden space. The Greenhouse People offers large 4-feet by 4-feet raise beds for outdoor gardening projects, as well as window planters for smaller crops like herbs and seedlings.

For more information on our greenhouse and gardening accessories and how to get the most out of your gardening projects, read our dedicated buyer’s guide or contact us today.

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