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Heat Mats

The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of greenhouses and accessories, including propagation heat mats designed to create a warm environment for the germination of seeds.

Heat mats – also known as germination mats and seedling mats – are a key accessory in any gardening project and are used to provide direct heat to smaller cuttings and seeds. They offer a compact and space-saving alternative to larger propagators and can fit on any side, surface or potting bench in smaller greenhouses and gardens.

Browse our range of plant heating mats below, in a variety of sizes to suit all your seeds, plants and projects.


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Heat Mats

Our propagation heating mats come with built-in or compatible thermostats for accurate temperature regulation – meaning more effective and speedier germination – and an economic alternative to non-adjustable mats that are always either on or off, at a single temperature.

Plus, our germination mats are durable, waterproof and frayproof – providing robust protection against the elements, so you can enjoy effortless propagation year-round.

For more information on our greenhouse accessories – including propagation heating mats – read our buyer’s guide or contact our team today.

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