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Greenhouse Shading, Netting And Blinds

The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading supplier of greenhouses and accessories including shading and fleecing designed to protect plants and crops from extremes of temperature.

Shading and fleecing help to regulate the temperature in your greenhouse, supporting the growth of healthy fruit and vegetables, plants and more. Not only does greenhouse shading protect vulnerable plants from overheating in the spring to autumn months but greenhouse insulation can also be used to keep them warm in the winter and deter pests.

Our range of greenhouse accessories includes shading, fleecing, netting and insulation tools. Shop our products below.


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Shading and Fleeces

Our versatile shading and insulation accessories are designed to suit any greenhouse, whatever the size or shape. Simply cut the netting or fleecing to size to cover the roof or windows or cover plants for added protection.

Plus, our shading and netting come with a full set of metal eyelets to attach effortlessly to your greenhouse roof.

For more information on our range of greenhouse accessories and how to equip your greenhouse for the best results, read our dedicated buyer’s guide or contact us today.

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