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The Greenhouse People is your one-stop shop for greenhouses, gardening equipment and accessories, including greenhouse glazing and all the fixtures and fittings needed to keep it in place.

Our range of greenhouse glazing accessories includes glazing clips, separator strips, adhesive foam and glazing rubber – in a range of sizes to accommodate different greenhouses.

Find everything you need to create effective greenhouse insulation and encourage growth among all your gardening projects below.


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Extend your growing season year-round with effective greenhouse glazing. Our glazing and accessories allow you to effortlessly adapt your existing greenhouse for healthy and efficient growth.

View our range of acrylic panels, designed for use in greenhouses with curved eaves. This material is curved to provide greater distribution of light without breaking or shattering. The acrylic material is also designed to prevent fading or cracking, providing years of effective performance.

To find out more about greenhouse glazing – and which items you might need – check out our accessories buyer’s guide or contact The Greenhouse People today.

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