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Water Collection And Guttering

The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading manufacturer of greenhouses and accessories, including a range of products designed for water collection and guttering.

We stock everything you need for effective rainwater collection, including straight and bend pipe joints, guttering and waterbutts and accessories. Choose the perfect accessories to suit your greenhouse and maximise your water collection efforts.

Browse our range of water collection accessories below, including a range of piping and guttering designed to fit together to create a custom solution for your greenhouse.


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Water Collection

Rainwater is beneficial for your plants as it has a lower pH level than tap water – making the nutrients more readily available.

Our water collection and guttering solutions make it easy to gather and store rainwater, which you can then access through our waterbutts to transfer to your plants for healthy and efficient growth.

For more information on water collection and greenhouse accessories, read our buyer’s guide or contact The Greenhouse People today.

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