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Aluminium Greenhouses


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Aluminium greenhouses

Aluminium is by far the most popular material from which greenhouses are made today. Aluminium greenhouses have all the distinct advantage over wood in that, even in a totally untreated state (mill finish) it is virtually maintenance free and it won’t rust or deteriorate in any way other than developing a a dull and stable oxide layer on the surface of the metal. 

There are many different qualities of greenhouse on the market and the aluminium frame plays a big part in this. It can be difficult to compare, but on the whole you do get what you pay for. Higher quality models tend to have more weight of aluminium in the frame, but that is not to say necessarily that a thicker frame is better… some extrusions have extra strength as a result of their design – for example, box section design can give far more strength than traditional designs.

The most important property of the glazing bars should be their reluctance to twist in the wind. It is twist that causes clips to pop out and glazing systems to fail. Simplicity glazing bars have double box sections in the corner bars which dramatically increases the performance of the simplicity greenhouse against other mid market greenhouses, and at the top end, the Robinsons glazing bars have both more metal overall and include the box section design

These days most of the aluminium greenhouses that we make are powder coated. This is a high quality coating system that last for years and years. Firstly, the aluminium goes through a chemical pre-treatment process which creates a chemical key, then it is sprayed with electro-statically charged polyester powder which clings to the aluminium until it is baked on in an oven at around 200 degrees C for an extremely durable and attractive finish in a range of colours.

Aluminium Greenhouse brands from Medium to Extra Strong


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