6. Buyers Guide - Delivery

With our dedicated fleet of trucks and vans, we can deliver to any address in mainland Britain, as well as the Isle of Wight, and both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  

That isn’t to say that if you live anywhere else in the British Isles you can’t order a fine greenhouse.  If you make arrangements with a mainland carrier, we can deliver directly to them, for forward shipping.  Please speak to one of our salespeople, regarding specialised export packaging.

Unless instructed otherwise, we aim to get your new greenhouse to you as soon as possible, although some greenhouses take longer to manufacture, and have a longer lead time.  Please check the current lead times on this website, prior to ordering.  

Our customer service team will usually contact you at least 2 weeks before the planned delivery, giving you the date, arranging any last minute instructions, and to settle any final balance.  Having dedicated drivers allows far more flexibility, and you can give specific instructions regarding the delivery. You don’t even have to be home on the day, just let us know where you would like the driver to leave your greenhouse, and he’ll do the rest.  Obviously our drivers aim to deliver your greenhouse in perfect condition, but glass being what it is, occasional breakages can happen. But don’t worry, if any glass is damaged by us before or during delivery, we will, of course, replace it in a timely manner.

As you can see, your greenhouse is delivered completely flat-packed, for self-assembly.  The number of boxes will depend on the size and style of greenhouse you have ordered, and all of the glass will be carefully stacked against a fence or wall, on wooden skids, to prevent breakages.  If you order toughened glass, please take care when moving it, ensuring that none of the edges come into contact with a hard surface, as it will shatter.  It is fine to store all of the greenhouse components outside if you aren’t quite ready to install.  However, as the boxes may get wet, it might be wise to simply remove the instructions when you get your delivery.

Because you expect reliability from us, we expect the same from our vehicles.  Our entire fleet consists solely of Mercedes vans and trucks.  After all, we expect them to do an awful lot of miles!

Our 18 tonne trucks are roughly the size of a large removal lorry, so if you had your furniture delivered in such a vehicle when you moved in, you can be assured that our trucks can gain access to your property. Their exact dimensions are height 13ft, width 9ft, length 35ft.  Don’t worry that the trucks won’t fit on your driveway.  More often than not they will park at the end of the drive, and the drivers will just carry the boxes etc.  Please ensure that access to where you want the greenhouse left is reasonable, and close to where the vehicle can be unloaded. 

Deliveries can take between 10 and 45 minutes, depending on the size of the greenhouse.  Both trucks make a 5-day round trip each week, usually around the Highlands, Lowlands and Borders of Scotland and also right along the South coast, from Dover to Kent.  Smaller vehicles may be utilised if access is deemed particularly tight in these areas.  Please inform our salespeople if you feel that access would be an issue.

The majority of our deliveries are made by either Sprinter panel vans or pick-ups.   These are ideal for the tighter winding roads of say Wales or Cornwall, but are sent all over the country, daily, with between 4 and 7 greenhouses each.  All of our delivery drivers (one per vehicle) are highly experienced, and will happily carry your greenhouse to a position of your choosing, provided that it isn’t too far and the access is reasonable.


We don’t entrust any old Tom, Dick or Harry haulier with your new greenhouse.  During peak periods we only use a select number of professional subcontractors, who share the same care and diligence as our own drivers.


“…I don’t normally send e-mails about service, but my greenhouse has just been delivered.  I have to say what a polite, courteous and enthusiastic gentleman brought it…”
L. Kershaw, Bridlington

“…Wayne delivered my greenhouse today, right on time, as per his phone call this a.m.  What a very pleasant and obliging young man.  He managed to get his truck up a difficult entry and adjacent to my allotment site…”
Mr. Munro, Penrith

“…Due to overhanging trees, your delivery vehicle was too large to come down the driveway.  Your driver was super, and manhandled all the packages and glass down the driveway, in the dark, singlehanded.  Great service…”
Mr. P. Wilkinson, Crowborough

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