7. Buyers Guide - Installing your greenhouse

You’ve placed your order and your delivery has been made.  Next step – installing your new greenhouse.

We won’t try and kid you into believing that your greenhouse will be simple to build, but if you take your time and carefully read the instructions, no practical minded person should find it too much of a challenge.

A weekend should be enough time to complete the build, depending on how fast you work and the complexity of the model you are building.  It is important that all glazing, vents and doors be completed in one day, as a partially glazed building would be very vulnerable in windy conditions.  Please don’t even attempt to glaze in strong winds!

Set aside a clean, clear area, such as a lawn or patio, on which to work.  As well as the instructions, you will need to have the following tools to hand…
•A 10mm nut spinner (or a socket set tool, with a 10mm head)
•Pozidrive No. 2 screwdriver
•Pair of pliers or pincers
•Spirit level
•Pair of stepladders
•A cordless drill/screwdriver might be useful
•A silicone gun and transparent, all-weather silicone sealant, if you require your greenhouse to be sealed (one tube should be enough)

Alternatively, if you don't feel up to the challenge of installing the greenhouse yourself, we have an extensive list of professional fitters, covering the whole of the UK.  Simply select a fitter in your area and negotiate your own rate (some can even prepare the basework.)  The benefit of dealing with the fitters direct is that we take no commission or percentage of the fee.  Also, most are one man operations, too small to have to charge VAT.

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