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Robinsons Aluminium Greenhouses

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For over 60 years, amateur and professional growers alike have recognised Robinsons as being at the very forefront of the greenhouse world. Renowned for their strength, precision engineering and practical features, Robinsons greenhouses are still the benchmark against which other greenhouses are measured. If you want the best in your garden, then keep reading! 

Established in 1947, Robinsons of Winchester quickly grew to be a famous name in greenhouses – originally with cedar greenhouses and often with commercial greenhouses. Many famous garden centres were made by Robinsons at one time. In the late 80s and 90s Robinsons really established itself as the best quality domestic greenhouse – insisting on using more aluminium in the frames for strength. We first became Robinsons agents in 1989, just after we bought a Robinsons greenhouse and realised that there was no local agent in our area! Since then, we have grown to one of the largest major distributors for Robinsons.In July 2011 The Greenhouse People became the owners of Robinsons Greenhouses. That original greenhouse bought in 1988 is still going strong and so are the Robinsons sales!

All the Robinsons greenhouses are made by us in our Staffordshire factory.

Special adaptations

There are a number of relatively easy modifications that can be made to a Robinsons greenhouse which will help you if you are needing a slightly more bespoke greenhouse:

Z-Type modification

This is where you build a brick wall (ONLY to an official special base plan) to the height of your choice and you put a full height building on top of the wall (i.e. 5'6" eaves height - plus your wall)

This is useful when you need a greenhouse with extra height, or if your land is on quite a slope.
Not to be confused with the dwarf wall modification, which is available for free on most models (Dwarf wall is when the sides of the greenhouse are cut down to about 4ft and the wall is set at 2ft)

With Z-Type modification you can specify the height of the wall - The most common heights are 150mm, 300mm, 450mm and 600mm, as a course of bricks is usually 75mm. We then modify the door end of the greenhouse so that the door drops down to ground level, and adjust the glass above the door.

The cost of this modification is £225 per doorway. Please mark your order Z-type-300 for example for a 300mm wall. Then we will send you an official brick base plan to work to. 

R-Type modification

This is where you have the rear end of your greenhouse removed so that it can join onto an existing wall. This allows you to create a totally different type of lean-to greenhouse - more like an Edwardian style.

To order an R-type greenhouse - please simply specify 'R- type' Greenhouse on your order form and you can also knock 10% off the price (of the greenhouse only - not accessories).

We will then remove the back and add some extra glazing bars which can be joined against the wall.

Fitting service

These modifications can easily be made in the factory, but there are no special instructions written, so its usually best to engage an experienced Robinsons greenhouse fitter to do these jobs. Please discuss this with your local expert. 

Standard features

Robinsons greenhouses have a reputation as the best Aluminium greenhouse money can buy. The frame work is super strong, using the unique Robinsons box section technology which makes the glazing bars extrememly strong and also far neater than other makes. This generous use of extra aluminium results in a greenhouse with up to 35% more Aluminium than other makes. Other features include:

  • A low level door threshold providing easy access for wheelbarrows or wheelchairs.
  • Screw in bar capping, with cover caps to hide the screws.
  • High eaves, at least 5ft in the greenhouse range.
  • Toughened safety glass (4mm), about seven times stronger than normal horticultural glass.
  • Gutters and downpipes always included in the price.
  • Automatic opening window vents, as standard.
  • Super strong box section glazing bars

Robinsons unique box section glazing system


Greenhouse range

Robinsons 5ft wide lean-to greenhouse

Robinsons 5ft wide lean-to

At 5'4" deep this practical lean-to has a single end door (please sepcify which end) complete with low threshold as well as all the Robinsons features such as extra stronmg glazing bars, and low profile glazing system. 

Robinsons Regatta greenhouse

Robinsons Regatta

The 5'4" wide Regatta model is ideal if you only have a 6ft wide space for your greenhouse. mini double doors provide good access and with a good use of staging and shelving you can create your perfect small greenhouse. 

 Robinsons 6ft wide lean-to  

Robinsons 6ft wide lean-to

This low-height lean-to has a lower pitched roof than the 5ft wide model so the ridge height is only 7' 10 1/2". With this model you can also add double front doors as an option.

 Robinsons Regent  

Robinsons Regent

At 6'5" wide the Regent is one of the best selling Robinsons greenhouses. Practical, string, built to last. Yes you'll pay a bit more for a Robinsons at the start, but the quality shines through year after year!

 Robinsons Royale  

Robinsons Royale

The 4ft wide double doors on this 8'6" wide Royale model give you super wide access - and when combined with our unique low-threshold door way, provides easy access for a wheelbarrow. If you are looking for high eaves, strong frame, and a generally uncluttered design then the Royale is the greenhouse for you.

 Robinsons Renaissance  

Robinsons Renaissance

In the field of Hexanonal or octagonal greenhouses, the Renaissance is probably the market leader. In fact she is octagonal which provides a better use of the space. The staging and shelving are inlcuded in the package which gives an ideal layout with no wasted space.

 Robinsons Rosette  

Robinsons Rosette

If you are looking for a 'proper' greenhouse then consider the Robinsons Rosette. At 10'7" wide, the Rosette has good access 4ft wide double doors with a low threshold, but still retains enough space for high capacity 3ft wide staging up each side if needs be. If you wish to create two different climates in your greenhouse - such as a hot house or proagation house as well as a cool greenhouse, then you can add the internal partition.

 Robinsons Victorian Repton  

Robinsons Repton

The Robinsons Victorian greenhouses have a steeper 45 degree pitch to the roof wich allows better light transmission from the sun. The Repton is the 6ft6" wide glass to ground version.

 Robinsons Victorian Rugby  

Robinsons Rugby

6'6" wide Victorian model that sits onto a 525mm high dwarf wall. The dwarf wall enhances the Victorian look and enables you to tie the design of your greenhouse into its surrounding by matching the brick.

 Robinsons Rushmoor Victorian  

Robinsons Rushmoor

The hinged door on this 8'7" wide Victorian model provides good wide access (with a low threshold) and at 32" it should accomodate most wheelbarrows.

 Robinsons Regal greenhouse  

Robinsons Regal

The 12'7" wide Robinsons Regal can be extended to literally any length - plus you can install internal partitions to create two or more different climates within your greenhouse. 

 Robinsons Ratcliffe  

Robinsons Ratcliffe

Top selling Victorian greenhouse, the Ratcliffe is the glass to ground version of the  8'7" wide Victorian models. Available in any length and in a choice of Ivory, Green or white the Victorian style will make a real centrepiece in your garden.

 Robinsons Rivera  

Robinsons Riviera

The Riviera model has a unique design of a 4 sided roof. Available as an 8x10 model or an 8x12, it has the benefit of being able to put the doors on the side by special request

 Robinsons Renown  

Robinsons Renown

The extra wide 14'8" (4.5m) span of this greenhouse means that it is the ideal semi-commercial glasshouse. with ample room for three runs of benching. Extendable to any length.

 Robinsons Roedean  

Robinsons Roedean

At 11'7" wide this huge Victorian greenhouse can be made to any length. This dwarf wall version is available in green Ivory or white powder coated finish.

 Robinsons Reigate  

Robinsons Reigate

11'7" wide Robinsons Victorian model. Victorian glasshouse features include cast aluminium spandrels, hinged doors and you can even add optional victorian ridge cresting





Common Questions

Installing Alton greenhouses - All Robinsons greenhouses are sold as self assembly. Clear instructions will be provided, if you would like to preview these click here. With your order confirmation (sent in the post a couple of days after you order) will be a list of suitable greenhouse installers who can erect your greenhouse for you. Price vary dependant upon the exact specification and your location. For a 6ft x 8ft greenhouse to be erected, expect to pay around £190 - £250.

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