Frequently asked questions

Do you delivery on Saturdays?

We deliver most greenhouses on our own transport. These can be sprinter sized vans or lorries (dustbin lorry size). We deliver Monday to Friday. We will give you plenty of advanced notice. Provided we know, we can easily deliver your greenhouse whilst you're at work, in fact most of our deliveries are done whilst the customer is out at work. You can just inform us of your instructions about where to leave it when we telephone you to book the delivery in (usually about a week beforehand) Smaller accessory items ordered on their own are sent on a next working day basis using parcel companies 

Do the greenhouses include erection?

In most cases the greenhouses do not include fitting in the price. All of our greenhouses are designed for self assembly. Most greenhouses are not too difficult to erect but they do take time. You should budget a weekend for your average greenhouse. With every order we do send you a list of professional greenhouse installers in your area who you can contact directly should you require the greenhouse erecting for you. We recommend that if you use an installer you do so on a fixed price basis - and a good rule of thumb is that if they don't know how much to charge when told the model of greenhouse that you have ordered then they are not the right fitter for that greenhouse.

Is a concrete or a slab base best? Can a Greenhouse go directly on to soil?

The main aim is to make sure that your greenhouse has somewhere level to be erected and that the area will not sink over time. Slabs, concrete (full or a picture frame), railway sleepers or decking are all fine. Generally speaking though Slabs do tend to offer the best solution and you get a little bit of drainage included. We would not normally recommend greenhouses going on to soil, but for smaller greenhouses is less of an issue. For more information on bases read our buyers guide. We strongly recommend that you don't use a sealed base - Your greenhouse will need some drainage, otherwise puddles can form inside from watering, condensation and leaks (no greenhouse is 100% waterproof)

You should always fix your greenhouse down to the base to protect against wind damage. Commonly, you would use screws and Rawl plugs for this. Smaller greenhouses with metal bases have a leg in each corner that can be concreted into the ground.

Will you let me know when delivery is?

Yes. We will not deliver a greenhouse without first letting you know an exact date and having a confirmation from you that the date offered is convenient. Normally we would email you about 2 -3 weeks after you order with an exact date and link where so you can confirm delivery and pay your balance. If we don't receive a response then we will call you. A greenhouse is quite a difficult item to deliver in that we can't use pallet companies or parcel companies because of the glass. As the logistics can be complex, we appreciate your support by accepting the date offered as we may well have several in your area that day. We are quite happy to leave it around the back of your house if you are out at work.

Can a parcel be left if I am not in?

We send smaller items via a courrier, normally DPD or TNT. Both couriers require a signature. We will notify you via email with delivery updates. In the DPDs case, they will email you with status updates including a one hour window and will give you options to leave the parcel with your neighbour. As a general rule, if the item you are ordering is under 75cm long then it will be sent with DPD. Greenhouses are delivered on our own transport, so we can make arrangements with you closer to the time of delivery to deliver the greenhouse whilst you're out. If you are going to be out please leave a signed note that the driver can take away saying 'please leave my parcel by the porch' or similar instructions.

Do I need a metal base with my greenhouse?

If the greenhouse comes packaged with a base then we think it is  necessary. It adds 4 inches or so to the height and makes the installation easier. On some greenhouses it is optional (normally lean-to type greenhouses). In this case it is important to beware of a lip on the sill so if you do not purchase the metal plinth base you will require an alternative plinth, (formed of say minimum 1" thick tanalised timber lath). Robinsons and Hercules greenhouses do not require a metal base, these greenhouses are very strong and do not require the extra rigidity offered by a base. The advantage of having no base is that you don't have to step over it to enter the greenhouse.

How much is delivery?

Exact costs are calculated at checkout when we know your postcode. Generally, small items that can go in an envelope cost £3, parcels £4.95 and greenhouses £39. For the Scottish highlands greenhouses cost a maximum of £69 to deliver. Northern Ireland costs £150. We deliver all greenhouses on our own transport. It is not possible to send greenhouses via a courrier.

Can I collect my greenhouse?

Collections are not possible because the glass is loose and dedicated stilages on our vehicles are used to handle it.

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