Replacement Glass for your greenhouse

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Toughened glass

Toughened glass

Due to the nature of replacement greenhouse glass it is very expensive to send. For every three panes of glass, packaging and delivery will cost £39 (that’s excluding the price of the glass itself!). Prices:

Less than 610mm (2ft) £15 per sheet

Between 610 to 1210mm (2ft to 5ft) £30

Over 1211mm (4ft+ ) is £40

We are only able to send glass that is 610mm (2ft wide). To save the large delivery cost we would recommend you obtain the glass locally from a glazier or collect directly from us. If you opt to obtain your glass from a local glazier then we recommend you ring in advance as it can take 24hrs to temper the glass. You will need to ask for ‘4mm toughened glass’. 4mm is more widely available than 3mm. 4mm will fit in a greenhouse with 3mm toughened glass.

Horticultural glass

We no longer stock Horticultural glass

Our Factory address:

The Greenhouse People, Blythe Park, Cresswell, Stoke-on-Trent, ST11 9RD | 01782 385 400

Storm Damage advice

If you have lost glass in a storm, click here for some useful advice.

Replacing all the glass in your greenhouse with toughened glass

Sometimes we are asked "can I buy a whole set of toughened glass for my greenhouse?". If you purchased the greenhouse from us and we are still selling it, then we may be able to help. More often than not we are asked to supply toughened glass for a greenhouse that is no longer in production. In this case, we would not be able to help. A set of bespoke toughened glass would cost far more than a brand new greenhouse. A 6x8 with toughened glass costs around £400 today, to retrofit toughened glass would cost at least this, probably a lot more. Click here to view current special offers. 

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