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The Greenhouse People is a specialist provider of greenhouses and accessories in the UK, including a range of greenhouse shelving and brackets.

Greenhouse shelves are designed to increase capacity by up to 50%, offering plenty of extra space for plants, fruit and vegetables, crops and more. Simply fit a range of shelves – including tray shelves and slatted shelves – around your greenhouse to reap the rewards of increased planting space.

Browse our range of greenhouse shelves below and combine products to enjoy full-length shelving around the entire perimeter of your greenhouse.


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Greenhouse shelves are ideal for storing your items that do not need to be watered as regularly as your seeds and tools. This is because the shelving can be placed higher in the greenhouse – often above built-in staging shelves – providing a perfect spot for those items that need less attention.

The Greenhouse People offers a variety of greenhouse shelving options including tray shelves designed to hold water and prevent drainage, as well as slatted shelves that are ideal for use as full-length solutions.

To find out more about greenhouse shelves and discover which model is right for you, check out our accessories buyer’s guide or get in touch with The Greenhouse People today.

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