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The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of greenhouses and accessories, including staging and benching used to create a productive growing environment for plants.

We offer a range of staging equipment to suit all greenhouse sizes and shapes – from wall-mounted staging to maximise space to extra-wide or deep benches and even three-tiered staging. Choose a staging bench or a range of benches to suit your greenhouse and create the perfect environment for plants in different stages of their growth.

Complete your greenhouse setup with a range of staging that allows you to organise your plants and crops in single runs or L- and U-shape designs to maximise sunlight exposure and growth. Browse our options below.


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Our greenhouse staging benches are available in a range of designs, including slatted benches to facilitate ample drainage or tray models that prevent dripping to lower tiers.

The Greenhouse People stocks staging benches for all your plants and more. Use our greenhouse staging alongside propagators or plant heating mats to assist germination in seeds and smaller plants.

To find out more about greenhouse accessories – including how to make the most of your greenhouse staging – read our buyer’s guide or contact our team today.

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