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Your greenhouse is ultimately only as good as your staging, so it¹s vital that you get the best possible staging for your greenhouse. Firstly decide on your layout; You can start with just a run of staging down one side of the greenhouse and then grow crops such as tomatoes on the other side, but if you want more capacity, then you can go for an L-shape of staging (I.e. Down one side and along the back) many people would then use the rear run of staging as a potting bench. If you don¹t need to grow crops such as Tomatoes then you can go for a full U-shape of staging. You can choose single tier, two tier or three tier. Of course, three tier has more capacity for plants, but there tends to be less head room in between the layers (although you can get around this if you have removable tops - like with Caverswall staging). Some growers swear by slatted staging as it allows free drainage and airflow, although others dislike water dripping on the tiers below. (You can use plastic gravel trays on top to prevent this). Remember to add high level shelves as well as these are useful for all your bits and pieces, plus, if you are going to have a lot of seed trays then take a look at our section on Seed Tray frames.

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