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The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of greenhouses and accessories, including thermostats designed to help you create the perfect warm and damp growing environment for plants, crops and more.

We offer a range of thermometers to give you the greatest accuracy over all your growing projects, including traditional thermometers that measure interior and exterior temperatures, soil probe thermometers for use with seeds and even therma-hygrometers which also measure humidity.

Browse our range of greenhouse thermometers below, including single products or multipacks designed to give you greater coverage throughout your greenhouse, potting shed, garden and more.


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Our thermometers are designed to equip you with all the information you need to maximise productivity in your gardening projects. Digital displays include max/min temperature information, and you can even toggle settings to show Celsius or Fahrenheit figures.

Use our greenhouse thermometers alongside our range of heaters to create an accurate and controllable environment to encourage growth in your plants, seeds and more.

For more information on maximising the value of your greenhouse projects – including how to use greenhouse thermometers to control your environment – read our buyer’s guide or contact our team today.

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