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The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of greenhouses and greenhouse accessories, including a range of electric, paraffin and gas heaters.

Choose from our range of heaters to find the perfect product for any greenhouse size, setup and budget. Electric heaters come in a variety of sizes, including eco slimline heaters and larger models. Gas heaters offer accurate temperature regulation and the CO2 emitted is beneficial for your plants. Paraffin heaters are perfect for budget greenhouses.

Shop our heaters by category to find the perfect product for your greenhouse – maintaining a warm and humid temperature year-round to avoid the effects of harsh weather.


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Our electric and gas heaters come with either built-in or compatible thermostats, offering customisable and accurate temperature regulation. This allows you to create and maintain the perfect environment to produce healthy fruit and vegetables, plants, crops and more.

Our additional greenhouse heating accessories include soil warming cables designed to propagate seeds and other crops by offering immediate, regulated heat to the surrounding soil.

For more information on choosing the right heater for your greenhouse, read our accessories buyer’s guide or get in touch with The Greenhouse People today.

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