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Electric Heaters

The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading supplier of greenhouses and accessories, including a range of electric heaters designed to create a healthy growing environment for your fruit and vegetables, plants, crops and more.

Greenhouses provide a warm environment for crops to grow when the temperature outside is too cool or variable. Our electric heaters help to increase temperatures inside greenhouses quickly and maintain them to avoid the effects of harsh weather or frost that threaten to destroy or damage plants.

Browse our range of electric greenhouse heaters below to find the perfect product for any size, shape, setup and budget – including eco slimline heaters designed for compact greenhouses and larger heaters suited to more spacious models.


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Electric heaters

Our electric heaters come with either built-in or compatible thermostats, allowing keen gardeners to achieve the most accurate temperatures for optimal results. The difference between just a few degrees is key when looking to get the most out of your crops – and our greenhouse heaters give you this control at your fingertips.

If you don’t have access to electricity in your greenhouse, view our range of alternative gas and paraffin heaters. We have options to support all your greenhouse projects, including a range of soil warming cables.

For more information on choosing an electric heater for your greenhouse, read our accessories buyer’s guide or chat with our team today.

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