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Paraffin Heaters

The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of greenhouses and accessories, including a range of paraffin heaters designed to achieve the perfect hot and humid growing environment.

Greenhouses provide the warmth needed to facilitate growth year-round – even when the temperature outside is too cool or experiencing extreme drops. Our paraffin heaters raise and maintain temperatures to avoid the damaging effects of cold spells and frost.

Browse our selection of paraffin heaters below – the cost-effective alternative to electric and gas models.


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Paraffin heaters

Our paraffin greenhouse heaters are compact and space-saving and ideal for greenhouses where space is at a premium – for example, models up to 8’ x 10’. This provides instant heat to smaller areas to protect against cold spells.

Alternatively, view our range of electric and gas heaters that are ideal for raising and maintaining temperatures in larger greenhouses. Plus, electric and gas heaters come with built-in or compatible thermostats for accurate temperature regulation.  

For more information on paraffin heaters – and finding the perfect product for your greenhouse – read our accessories buyer’s guide or chat with our team today.

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