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Hercules Greenhouses


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Hercules Greenhouses

As the brand name suggests, the Hercules range is renowned for its shear strength. Its large, light capturing roof is supported by strong cantilever braces at both eaves and ridge, making it exceptionally durable in areas with windy weather conditions.

 An increased eaves height of 5'5" has been incorporated into the design, giving you the choice of installing the lockable double door (single, on the Trafalger and Hastings models) to either end, or even on the side in the case of the Bosworth model.

 Another advantage of the doorway is the low-level threshold, allowing easy access for wheelbarrows or wheelchairs.

 The Hercules range comes with the following features, as standard:

 * Large pane, toughened safety glass, held securely in place by full length PVC 'bar capping', which eliminates the need for the traditional metal clips, providing a neater, stronger finish.

 * Integral guttering, with end stops and two down pipes.  Ideal for water collection, when combined with an optional Slimline water butt.

 * Superb circulating ventilation is provided by automatic roof vents and manual side louvre vents, improving the growing environment for your plants and  seedlings.

 * Strong, integral hanging basket rails

The Hercules comes in a range of sizes, to suit any size garden.  

For the smaller garden, there is the 6'5" wide Trafalgar or the 8'5" Blenheim - the latter comes with a double door,however, both greenhouses feature the same low doorway threshold, as well as the generous 5'5" height eaves, giving you more comfortable working headroom, as well as space for your taller growing plants.  

Coming in at a width of 10'6", is the ever popular Naseby, providing increased space for the most prolific gardener. If you find you need even more space, optional 8' extensions can be added, literally up to any length.

If, however, your space is limited, you might consider a lean-to model, like the 6'5" Hastings, or the 8'5" Bosworth.  When attached to your property, your plants will benefit from the additional warmth during cooler months, and you'll find it easier to achieve a water and electricity connection. 

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