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Small & Mini Greenhouses

The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading manufacturer of greenhouses, including a range of small and mini greenhouses.

Our small greenhouses are perfect for gardens where space is at a premium. They provide plenty of room for growing fruits, vegetables, plants and more while remaining compact and space-saving.

The Greenhouse People offers a range of smaller models – up to 10-feet in width – including lean-to designs and a variety of frames including aluminium and wooden finishes. Browse our selection below.


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Small & Mini Greenhouses

Small greenhouses are ideal for those with smaller gardens who still want to reap the rewards of a greenhouse environment – including planting crops that wouldn’t grow in the cold.

Plus, smaller greenhouses can even provide greater temperature regulation than larger models, as they become warmer much quicker due to the reduced surface area. Mini greenhouses also retain humidity – protecting crops against extreme cold temperatures or sudden temperature drops.

For more information on choosing a small greenhouse – including the benefits of lean-to models – read our dedicated buyer’s guide or contact us today.

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