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Alton greenhouses are a greenhouse manufacture based in Staffordshire. Alton greenhouse specialise in manufacturing cedar greenhouses. The company can trace its routes back to 1921 when Mr W A Pound founded Alton greenhouses. Throughout the years the company has grown, when most people think of cedar greenhouses, they think of Alton.

Since 1921, Alton has been at the forefront of the Cedar greenhouse market. Theiconic sloping sided Amateur greenhouse has led the market for decades and at the time of its introduction in the 50s it was at the cutting edge of greenhouse design. Now, the Alton design team have been pooling their vast knowledge and experience, along with years of feedback from our customers in order to create a Cedar greenhouse fit for the 21st Century.We're calling it the Alton Evolution range.

There are over 15 greenhouse models to chose from including octagonal, Victorian and traditional styles. Most greenhouses are available in an array of lengths.

High quality and a high specification 

Alton greenhouses come with a number of standard features, often found as options on other greenhouses. As standard Alton greenhouses come with full sheet toughened glass, Gutters and down pipes, roof vents, high eaves, high quality Canadian Red Cedar, and extra strong braces. In addition to this, Alton's most famous feature is its concrete base kerbs. Unique to Alton greenhouses, the kerbs both provide strong anchorage and lift the vulnerable bottom areas of the greenhouse 5" off the floor away from damp and stones/soil (hertiage range only)

Western Red Cedar and more of it! - It sounds simple, but it is surprising how some greenhouses both aluminium or Cedar have become thinner over the years in order to save cost. The Alton Evolution models use thick glazing bars which are based on 44x 44mm timbers or 44x69mm in places.

Extremely strong frame - A clever design and plenty of wood means we think this is one of the strongest greenhouses you can currently buy (wood or aluminum). It really is that sturdy!

Toughened safety glass in full sheets, for an attractive appearance and added safety.
Free 10 Year Guarantee. The greenhouse comes in a clear treatment that allows the natural colour of the cedar to come through. Even if you decided never to treat your greenhouse again we guarantee against rot for 10 years. The design of this new Evolution model eliminates traditional 'rot-spots' - for example the roof glass overlaps the wood so that water runs straight into the guttering.

Plenty of ventilation - Roof vents with Automatic openers and Louvre vents in side means you can grow a huge range of plants without overheating.
Guttering and Downpipes both sides are included as standard. A large range of accessories are availble to allow you to customise your water collection to fit your exact needs.
Screw in cedar bar capping system (as seen in photo to right hand side) -Most wooden Greenhouses have glass held in by a beading or a groove. The result of this can be that the glass 'rattles' in the frame. The Alton Evolution's newly developed bar capping system uses the toughened glass as an integral part of the overall strength of the greenhouse by gripping it tightly.When you feel the greenhouse, there is little or no movement in it and you can see that it is far stronger (and you don't get a rattling sound from the glass).
Upgrade option: Aluminium bar capping With this new Aluminium bar capping system you really can have a virtually maintenance free Cedar greenhouse - and the stylish moss colour blends in perfectly with the cedar as it ages to the distinctive silvery colour.

The clever design of these new Alton Evolution models has created a cedar greenhouse that is ideal for modern needs, and by using innovative and strong jointing technology, the Evolution models are delivered flat packed in a self-assembly format. This removes a large amount of cost from the double handling and storage of large unwieldy glazed panels used on other models, and put simply this allows us to put more wood into the greenhouse. 

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Installing Alton greenhouses - Most Alton greenhouses are sold as self assembly. With your order confirmation (sent in the post a couple of days after you order) will be a list of suitable greenhouse installers who can erect your greenhouse for you. 


Alton Evolution 6ft x 10ft Greenhouse

Do I have to keep painting my cedar greenhouse? Its a common myth that if you choose a Cedar greenhouse then you will spend the rest of your life painting it! In fact the natural oils contained within Cedar are far better than any man-made preservative. Alton dip the greenhouses, so they come with a coat of oil based preservative, however it is cedar's natural oils which will actually keep it going for so long. Therefore there is actually no technical need to treat your greenhouse again. In time, it will fade to an attractive silvery-grey colour. You could re-treat it every few years if you wanted to top-up the original colour and ensure an even longer life. In fact it is far more important to actually clean it once a year and remove algae than to treat it. Your Alton greenhouse is guaranteed for 10 years even if you never re-treat it, and it may well last 20 years without treatment. We've seen some Alton greenhouses which have been well looked after and possibly re-treated every few years which are as old as 40 or even 50 years old and 30 years old is really quite common.

Alton Evolution Five Greenhouse

Alton Evolution Five

5ft wide  

 Alton Traditional 5 Lean-to Greenhouse

 Alton Traditional 5 Cedar Greenhouse 

5ft wide

 Alton Evolution Six Cedar Greenhouse

 Alton Evolution Six Cedar Greenhouse

 6ft wide 

 Alton Amateur 7 Lean-to Cedar Greenhouse

 Alton Amateur 7 lean-to Cedar Greenhouse 

7ft wide

Alton Evolution Eight Cedar Greenhouse
 Alton Evolution Eight Cedar Greenhouse 

8ft wide

 Alton Evolution Ten Cedar Greenhouse

 Alton Evolution Ten Cedar Greenhouse 

10ft wide

 Alton Octagonal Small Cedar Greenhouse

  Alton Octagonal Small Cedar Greenhouse 6ft wide  Alton Amateur 8 Cedar Greenhouse

 Alton Amateur 8 Cedar Greenhouse 

8ft wide

 Alton Denstone Victorian (half-boarded)Greenhouse

 Alton Denstone Victorian Greenhouse 

6ft wide (Half Boarded)

 Alton Eton Victorian dwarf wall Greenhouse

 Alton Eton Victorian Dwarf Wall  Greenhouse

6ft wide

 Alton Smallwood Victorian(glass-to-ground)Greenhouse

Alton Smallwood Victorian   Greenhouse

 6ft wide (Glass to Ground)

 Alton Evolution Twelve Cedar Greenhouse

 Alton Evolution Twelve Cedar Greenhouse 

12ft wide

 Alton Amateur 10 Cedar Greenhouse

 Alton Amateur 10 Cedar Greenhouse 

10ft wide

 Alton Octagonal Medium Cedar Greenhouse

Alton Octagonal Medium Cedar Greenhouse

9ft wide

 Alton Cheltenham Victorian Greenhouse

 Alton Cheltenham Victorian Greenhouse 

8ft wide (Half Boarded)

 Alton Ellesmere Victorian Dwarf Wall Greenhouse

 Alton Ellesmere Victorian(Dwarf Wall) Greenhouse 

8ft wide

 Alton Harrow Victorian (Glass to Ground)Greenhouse

 Alton Harrow Victorian Greenhouse 

8ft wide (Glass to Ground)

 Alton Octagonal Large Cedar Greenhouse

Alton Octagonal Large Cedar Greenhouse

9ft wide

 Alton Lancing Greenhouse(Glass to Ground)

 Alton Lancing Victorian Greenhouse 

10ft wide(Glass to Ground)

 Alton Westminster  Victorian (Half Boarded)Greenhouse

 Alton Westminster Victorian Greenhouse

 10ft wide (Half Boarded)

 Alton Oakham Victorian (Dwarf Wall)Greenhouse

 Alton Oakham Victorian (Dwarf Wall) Greenhouse 

10ft wide



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