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Alton Greenhouses


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Alton Greenhouses

Since 1921, Alton has been at the forefont of the cedar greenhouse market.

Quality is at its heart; from the choice of timber, the stainless steel fixings, to the toughened safety glass. All Alton models are manufactured from 100% Canadian Western Red Cedar, having been selected for its natural resisitance to warping, twisting and decay.  Despite this, all of the greenhouse timbers are treated with a clear, oil-based preservative, which not only gives additional protection, but also brings out the warm and varied hues of the timber itself: from near white, to light straw, pinkish orange and rich reddish-brown. The appearance is further protected by the use of stainless steel screws, which won't rust over time and cause unsightly discolouration. 

The ever popular Heritage range includes the iconic sloping sided Alton Amateur.  Available in fully glass to ground or part boarded up to staging height level, or even a comination of the two.  Delivered in pre-assembled, ready glazed panels, the Amateur is fairly easily erected, without the need for comprehensive joinery skills.  Solid concrete base kerbs provide a firm foundation and solid anchorage; also protecting the timber cills of the greenhouse, by raising it some 5" above the ground.  With two widths available (8' and 10'), both can be extended to amost any length, by adding 5' (2 panel) extensions. A generous number of roof and low level vents give your plants a perfectly ventilated growing environment.

Octagonal greenhouses are also found in the Heritage range. Like the Amateur, they are delivered mostly pre-assembled and ready glazed, so are equally as easy to erect, and mounted on lower 2" concrete base kerbs.  They are manufactured as part boarded, up to staging level, and as an optional extra, can be modified as glass to ground.  There are four sizes for you to choose from: the compact 6'x6', 6'x8'6", 8'6"x8'6", and the extra spacious 8'6"x11'.  The two larger models have the addition of an attractive lantern roof.  A further benefit when buying any of these models, is that they come with all round tanalised timber staging, and 2 side shelves, all as standard.

Bringing us bang up to date, with 21st century design and finish, is the Evolution range. A flat packed, self assembly cedar greenhouse, with ingeniously designed features to further protect your greenhouse from the elements.  The glass overlaps the timber both at the edge of the eaves as well as to the base of the cill, thus providing, in effect, a clear cladding, which whilst keeping water away from the timber doesn't mask the beauty of the cedar. The full length toughened safety glass sides actually sit in a groove which has been cleverly designed into the powder-coated aluminium base, which in itself keeps the timber base from the ground. Another ingenious feature is the cedar bar capping used to secure the glass.  Once screwed into place, it is practically impossible for the glass to blow out.  This capping can be optionally upgraded to aluminium, an attractive modification, which also cuts  down timber maintenance.  Like the base, this aluminium is powder-coated in an soft, light moss green colour, perfectly complementing the rich hues of the cedar.

At the top of the Evolution range are the Alton Victorian models, with their impressive 45 degree pitch roofs, giving a distinctly Victorian-style look and feel. Sharing all of the excellent qualities of the rest of the Evolution range, these models have the benefit of additional strengthening, from the thicker roof timbers, and the attractive Victorian style cast aluminium spandrels, at the ridge an eaves. Supplied flat packed, for self-assembly, they are available as half boarded, glass to ground or dwarf wall models, in widths of 6, 8 and 10 feet, which you can choose to extend to any length.  Whilst the cast aluminium spandrels, finials, ridge cover and end cap come as standard in these models, there is again the option of aluminium bar capping, shelving and staging, and cast Victorian style ridge cresting; all powder coated in the same complementary light moss finish.  Built to last, these impressive structures will make a long-lasting, stylish and functional centrepiece in your garden.