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Robinsons Greenhouses


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Robinsons Greenhouses

The name of Robinsons has been the mark of greenhouse quality since 1947.

Robinsons are probably the strongest greenhouses in the UK today, but not simply because up to 35% more aluminium goes into the manufacture of the frames.  Whilst other greenhouse companies often use inferior T-shaped section glazing bars, Robinsons have designed a unique box section glazing bar, creating a far more robust frame, which is absolutely vital for strength in windy conditions.  This innovation goes further...

Air-filled rubber strips are slid into channels along the full length of the glazing bar, providing a cushion for the 4mm toughened safety glass, before being fixed in place by a full length PVC capping strip.  Once this is screwed into place, it is practically impossible for the glass to blow out, and this method also ensures that there is absolutely no glass to metal contact. Finally, for a neater finish, an aluminium or PVC cover cap is slid on top, concealing the screws. Additional strength is provided by the generous, integral aluminium guttering, from which stem the downpipes, so vital for water collection, and come as standard.

Another functional method of strengthening can be achieved by including Robinsons integral cantilevered staging.  This optional extra is made of the same strength extruded aluminium, bolted diagonally to the greenhouse frame, it can be set at any working height that is comfortable for your needs. As there are no vertical legs, you have extra storage space beneath the staging for pots and bags of compost.

All Robinsons greenhouses offer a higher than average eaves height, from between 5'6" to 6'6".  This not only gives you more head room for you, but also room for taller growing plants, such as tomatoes or Chrysanthemums.  Furthermore, the increased height allows you to include high level shelving, which can give you up to 50% extra shelving space.

There is an extensive selection of shapes, styles and sizes to choose from, starting with the more compact 4'6" wide Regatta, right up to the mighty 14'8" wide Renown. Apart from the Regatta, all of the Robinsons range can be extended to practically any length you require, giving you the choice of including optional internal partitions, to create separate growing environments.

Should your garden space be at a premium, you might consider the stylish octagonal Renaissance, with its generous 6'2" high eaves.  This has the added benefit of all round tanalised timber staging and 2 high level side shelves, included as standard.

If your space is stricly limited, a lean-to might be your better option, as it can affixed to the walls of your house, garage or even garden wall if high enough. When attached to your property, your plants will benefit from the additional warmth during cooler months, and you'll find it easier to achieve a water and electricity connection. The 5'4" deep version has a ridge height of 8'5", whereas the 6'5" deep version has a lower pitch, making the ridge height a lesser 7'10 1/2".

Should you be looking to make your greenhouse a real feature of your garden, then look no further than Robinsons Victorian Range.  Whilst boasting the same strength frame, they have the addition of Victorian-style cast aluminium eaves and ridge spandrels, making for an even sturdier, rigid structure.  A particular benefit of these models is their increased height, producing a more airy environment, and also allowing plenty of head room for your specimen plants. New additions to the range, like the Radley and the Reicliffe, have been designed with a porch, creating a very modern and stylish look of an old Victorian orangerie.

Complete this elegant, classic look with the addition of stylised ridge cresting and finials.  This optional extra can be added to any Robinsons model, but is particularly effective on the Victorian range.  With wide, lockable hinged doors, and low threshold, these models are the ultimate in style and functionality.

If there wasn't already a wealth of choice in the Robinsons range, there is now also the introduction of 4 exciting new colours; Old Cottage Green, Pastel Sage, Ivory and Anthracite.

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