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Simplicity Greenhouses


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Simplicity Greenhouses

Simplicity must be the most extensive range of affordable greenhouses on the market, with a variety of sizes to suit any garden space, and prices to suit any pocket.  But don't let the term "affordable" fool you, as there is no compromise on strength, quality or finish.

Unique double box section corner bars means there is less twist in the corners, making it stronger in windy conditions. Extra diagonal bracing in the roof (except for the Classic) as well as the corners, helps square up the greenhouse, making assembly easier and the frame that much more robust. The Simplicty is affixed to a 4" mill finish aluminium base, which you can upgrade to matching powder-coated for coloured greenhouses. You may also wish to choose the optional upgrade from standard horticultural glass to toughened safety glass.  As the toughened glass comes in full single panes, you could further decide to upgrade to full-length PVC bar capping, which provides a neater and stronger alternative to traditional metal glazing clips. 

The Simplicity's range of sizes allows you to choose the perfect greenhouse to suit your needs and available space.

For small spots, the 4'3" wide Sandon is ideal.  Whilst more compact, it does have 5'4" high eaves, giving you a more comfortable working headroom, and allows you to grow taller plants, such as tomatoes. You might consider adding 4'x1' Caverswall 3 tier staging, to maximise your growing capacity, whilst still allowing you a comfortable working space. The extra 1 foot width of the 5'3" Stafford model allows for deeper staging (18") either side of the doorway, giving you even more growing and storage space. The beauty of Caverswall staging is that it can be used not only to hold your seed trays, it can provide support for growing tomato plants, as the wooden slats can be easily removed from the aluminium frame.

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