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Simplicity Mini Lean-to Greenhouses


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Mini Lean-to

This new Mini Lean-to is ideal when space is at a premium. Fitting nicely against a wall, it's surprising just how much can be fitted in, especially with the optional 3 tier Caverswall staging (the wooden slatted tops are removable, so you can grow tomatoes through them in the summer).The 4" and 6? long models have a sliding single door and the 8? long model has a 4" wide double door for easy access.
You can add a downpipe for rainwater collection and unlike some small lean-tos, each model has a roof vent included as standard.
The bottom cill of the greenhouse has to lip over something slightly (traditionally this would be a brick base), but now, you can add our purpose built 4" high metal base. You can erect without the metal base but you will need to sit the cill onto a small piece of wood such as a lath. 
You have a wide variety of options including large pane toughened glass, Bar capping, in order to create your perfect greenhouse.

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