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Simplicity Shugborough Plain Aluminium Greenhouse Starter Package
6ft3 wide (1910mm) x 8ft3 long (2530mm)

Starter Package

(Including VAT)

Product id: 9064
  • Metal base (plain metal finish)
  • Plain aluminium finish
  • Toughened safety glass (full sheet)
  • Sliding door
  • Free 10 Year Guarantee
  • 2 x Roof vents
  • High eaves
  • Installation available for a fee


  • Recommended Package #1 Save £39.00


    Thermofor Classic auto opener for greenhouse vent


    Simplicity Louvre plain aluminium (Back)

    £125.00 £86.00

  • Ward 100L Slim Waterbutt

    More information
    Ward 100L Slim Waterbutt

    This waterbutt is finished in an attractive black finish and is made from durable plastic.

    It has a capacity of 100 litres and comes complete with a tap and a lid which has secure fit.

    950mm x 380mm x 380mm

    *Please note - stand sold separately

  • Thermofor Auto louvre opener

    More information
    Thermofor Auto louvre opener

    This mechanical device is designed to automatically open and close a louvre vent, in response to temperature.

    A wax-like substance, contained in the cylinder, expands with heat, operating a piston which opens the louvre via a linkage arm. As the temperature falls, the process reverses, and a spring closes the louvre. There is also an adjustment knob, which enables the opening temperature to be altered to between 15 and 25 degrees centigrade.

    Some simple drilling is required to fit the opener to the side of the louvre vent.

    Hand made by us in our Staffordshire workshop, trade enquiries welcome from all around teh world

    This product does NOT fit the Hercules OCTAGONAL range of buildings

  • Simplicity Babbington 6ft x 18"

    More information
    Simplicity Babbington 6ft x 18"

    At just 18" wide, this greenhouse staging is ideal for small greenhouses (e.g. 5' or 6' wide). The sections are 22" long and you can bolt as many together as you wish. (e.g an 8' run would be four sections bolted together and would therefore be 7'4" long- ideal to fit into an 8' gap)

    Made from sturdy aluminium, the frame supports 1" deep aluminium trays. All the trays have a double folded edge, for safety.


    Height: 32" / 813mm

  • Simplicity Bar Capping set (White) for Shugborough 8ft

    More information
    Simplicity Bar Capping set (White) for Shugborough 8ft

    This capping will only fit Simplicity brand greenhouses

    IMPORTANT: Bar Capping will only fit toughened glass, it will not fit normal horticultural glass. 
    All glass on this model is held in place with stainless steel clips. These are fine, but they can show up against a green frame and your glass can sometimes be a bit vulnerable in high winds. So now you can replace these clips with the optional bar capping System.This is a set of full length PVC strips which hold the glass along the full length.This gives a far neater finish plus it is a lot easier to keep clean because the clips are no longer used. Your whole greenhouse is stronger in the wind when bar capping is used. The capping is a similar shape to the stainless steel clip and it clips in,in a similar way- the difference being that the PVC is the full length e.g. 5' long).You can only use bar capping with the whole sheet toughened glass.
  • Simplicity Caverswall Three Tier 2ft Wide x 4ft Long

    More information
    Simplicity Caverswall Three Tier 2ft Wide x 4ft Long

    This new staging consists of an extremely sturdy aluminium frame (each piece of staging has 16 corner braces for superb rigidity).  The tops are made from tanalised timber slats (pressure treated so that you never have to re-treat).

    Please note that we say 4' for the sake of clarity, in fact they are a bit smaller so that they fit into the greenhouses well.  All Caverswall staging is delivered completely flat packed for self assembly.

    The height of this Staging is 930mm/3'1" high

  • Simplicity Caverswall Two Tier 2ft Wide x 4ft Long

    More information
    Simplicity Caverswall Two Tier 2ft Wide x 4ft Long

    Ideal for 6ft wide greenhouses, the 2ft width will not obstruct the doorway. The working height is 2'6".

    Made from aluminium with 16 supports at the corners it is a very sturdy piece of staging. The slatted tops are Western red cedar which offers resistance to some greenhouse pests and doesn't need to be treated.

    Arrives flat packed for self assembly.

    Width: 57.5cm  Length: 113.5cm  Height: 77cm

  • Thermofor Classic auto opener for greenhouse vent

    More information
    Thermofor Classic auto opener for greenhouse vent

    These amazing devices are made in our own workshop in Staffordshire

    Opens your greenhouse roof vent automatically as the greenhouse heats up

    Provides ventilation to plants when they need it most

    No electricity required - powered by heat expansion alone!

    Easy to fit - adaptable to any aluminium or wooden greenhouse On most aluminium greenhouses, it simply clamps on.


    Fitting an auto opener can help you regulate the temperature in your greenhouse and maximises the potential of the roof vents. Controlled by heat alone they do not take batteries or need an electricity supply.

    The unit can be adjusted to change the operating temperature to suit.

    Guaranteed for one year.
    Trade enquiries also welcome from all around the world.


  • Simplicity Concrete Anchoring set Plain Aluminium

    More information
    Simplicity Concrete Anchoring set Plain Aluminium
    Please note that this kit it only suitable for Simplicity greenhouse models.

    This set can be used to fix down a greenhouse to a concrete or slab base. 

    10 x standard L-shaped barckets, 2" screws, Rawl plugs plus cropped head bolts and nuts to fix to alu base with.  
  • Simplicity Downpipes (pair)

    More information
    Simplicity Downpipes (pair)

    These downpipes are designed to fit Simplicity brand greenhouses and our LE range. The Package includes pipes for each side of the greenhouse

    Our simplicity down pipe kit comes with 4 x bits of pipe, 2 x 45  degree elbows, 2 x gutter outlets, 2 x gutter stop ends and 2 x pipe clips. If you have your water butt next to your greenhouse, that's all you need to start collecting rain water!

    This downpipe kit is compatible with all the other 'black fittings' in the water collection part of our website if you want to create something really elaborate.

  • Simplicity Extra plain aluminium roof vent

    More information
    Simplicity Extra plain aluminium roof vent
    If you require additional ventilation for your plain aluminium Simplicity greenhouse, we can supply an additional roof vent / vents. Good ventilation is essential to provide air circulation throughout the greenhouse which helps prevent fungal disease which can for example cause  'damping off' of seedlings.
    N.B. If you are ordering a new greenhouse the glass will be automatically adjusted to suit any additional ventilation selected.
  • Simplicity Louvre plain aluminium (Back)

    More information
    Simplicity Louvre plain aluminium (Back)


    This louver will go in either side of this greenhouse. Our system will automatically inform you if you exceed the maximum number of louvers that can be added to this building. 


    The frame is manufactured from aluminium and it comes complete with 5 toughened glass slats.

    You can improve the ventilation in your greenhouse by adding extra louvers. They allow fresh air to enter your greenhouse. This Louvre is designed to replace a piece of glass 610mm x 457mm (2ft x 18"). Please note if you are ordering a new greenhouse at the same time as this louvre, we will automatically adjust the glass in the greenhouse.


  • Simplicity Louvre plain aluminium (Side)

    More information
    Simplicity Louvre plain aluminium (Side)


    This louver will go in either side of this greenhouse. Our system will automatically inform you if you exceed the maximum number of louvers that can be added to this building. 


    The frame is manufactured from aluminium and it comes complete with 5 toughened glass slats.

    You can improve the ventilation in your greenhouse by adding extra louvers. They allow fresh air to enter your greenhouse. This Louvre is designed to replace a piece of glass 610mm x 457mm (2ft x 18"). Please note if you are ordering a new greenhouse at the same time as this louvre, we will automatically adjust the glass in the greenhouse.


  • Ward Slim Waterbutt Stand

    More information
    Ward Slim Waterbutt Stand

    Suitable for the 100l Slim Waterbutt. This stand raises the water butt high enough to be able to place a watering can below the tap. This item is essential if you don't intend to make your own stand for your waterbutt.


    Diameter 17.5"/45cm (bottom) 16"/41cm (top)

    Height 12"/30cm


The Simplicity Shugborough is based on the Stramshall greenhouse, offering a higher eaves height.

There are several reasons why it's better to have a greenhouse with high eaves:

- A larger volume of air creates a more stable growing environment, with less dramatic fluctuations in temperature.
- Your plants have more headroom.Taller plants such as tomatoes and chrysanthemums need the height.
- High eaves give you more headroom- Ideal if you're tall.
- High eaves give you room on the side for a high level shelf. 

NOTE: this greenhouse has the option of bar capping which is not normallay found in greenhouse in this price range 
Most greenhouses do not include diagonal roof braces. Simplicity models come complete with 4 (or 2 on the smallest models). These useful additions dramatically improve the strength of the frame, plus they make the greenhouse easier to assemble because they make the greenhouse more inclined to go up square.
Simplicity models use the better quality stainless steel band clips to hold the glass in rather than the more flimsy galvanized wire clips
All prices for this model include a sturdy aluminum base 4" high, complete with anchors. The Alu base gives you a firm foundation which can be assembled on soil, slabs or concrete and makes the job of assembly quicker and easier
The unique Simplicity double box section corner bar gives the frame more rigidity than most other greenhouses. Along with the exclusive foam cushion glazing seal, this helps prevent loss of panes in windy weather. In our simple test, we were able to suspend 6 bags of cement (150kg) where as other makes of greenhouse were buckling with 50- 75 kg
Door wheels are made from nylon for hard wearing characteristics. The door wheel bolt is turned from solid brass with a smooth shank to reduce wear on the wheel. This costs us more than other ways of doing it, but we know how frustrating it can be if wheels disintegrate on your greenhouse after a few years- and spares can be hard to come by

Comes with toughened safety glass, as standard, held in by quality steel band glazing clips.
Upgrade to the bar capping system and you can eliminate clips completely from your greenhouse- Glass will then be held in along it's full length - providing a far neater finish and superior strength in windy conditions.

Greenhouse dimensions diagram
  • A = Base width: 1,910mm (6ft3).
  • B = Length: 2,530mm (8ft3).
  • C = Eaves height: 1,607mm (5ft3).
  • D = Ridge height: 2,305mm (7ft6).
  • E = Door width: 628mm (2ft).
  • F = Door height: 1,879mm (6ft1).
  • All measurements include the base.

Q. With full sheet toughened glass, if I have extra louvres will I need to cut the glass to make them fit?

A. No, you won't have to do that. We automatically adjust the toughened glass for you, it is quite often the case that extra louvres and vents are added. You will have the correct glass delivered.

Q. is there an option to have door t both ends? and if so what would the extra cost be?

A. Hello, unfortunately on that model you can't add an extra door.

Q. Will position greenhouse with fencing bordering 2 sides. 1) Is there a recommended minimum distance between fence and greenhouse? 2) Can greenhouse and glass be assembled and lifted onto concrete base?

A. Hello, if you ever need to replace a pane of glass this will need to be done from the outside so we say enough room so that someone can fit down there to replace any glass. Usually if people move the greenhouse they wouldn't glaze it. They would build the frame and then 2-3 people would lift it and move it into position. Once the glass is in place it become very heavy and difficult to then move.

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18 reviews of Simplicity Shugborough
Average rating: (5.0)

by Mr N Davies

Quite simply a joy from start to finish. The Shugborough package was on offer and priced competitively, it came a couple of weeks earlier than I was expecting, the delivery driver was friendly and very very helpful taking time to store the items safely in my garage and check them all off with me, and the telephone queries I made were dealt with quickly and efficiently by friendly staff. I downloaded the instructions before delivery and had a good read and although they look tricky on paper, once the parts are laid out in front of you it all makes sense. The quality is superb, every piece was the right size, all the holes drilled in the right place, and the resulting structure is sturdy and good looking. My wife and I put the frame together leisurely over two days and glazed it the third day. We are not young and the days are short and cold in December and glazing in one day I found tight and necessitated the use of portable lighting to finish. Get yourself a 10mm nut spinner and do as much indoors, such as windows, doors etc in advance. Five stars all day long and I’ve been so impressed with the Greenhouse People I’ve bought several other items from them since. PS the included staging is fabulous, my mate said it is too nice to go outside lol.

by Jan

What a good company the Greenhouse People are! From ordering, delivery and technical help every person I have dealt with has been fantastic. As for the greenhouse, well my Simplicity Shugbourgh 6' x 8' has been up for less than a week on my allotment and survived the gusting 50mph winds last night! So far so good:))) Toughened glass, fixing to ground kit and barcapping, obviously helped. I would say following the instructions and reading then more than once is a must.

by Terry Mayne

I bought this greenhouse package last year and was surprised how easy it was to put together, the instructions are simple to follow and the end result is a strong, well made greenhouse at an excellent price, I have bought other items since from The Greenhouse People and I cannot praise their help enough , overall a first class company offering a first class product. Highly recommended.

by Eve Montgomery

The extra height makes the greenhouse feel a lot more spacious than my old 6' x 8' which was on the same site. I would highly recommend this model if you are tall! It was fairly easy to put up even though it is in a very awkward space and some of the glazing had to be done from the inside which was tricky, but possible with a bit of help from another person. It's well worth taking time to read all the instructions carefully before you start. You do need two people for the roof glazing especially if using toughened glass as the panes are bigger than the horticultural glass panes. The help given over the phone was great, and I'm very pleased with the finished result.

by Louise Whittle

We were absolutley delighted with both the service and quality of the greenhouse. We were notified when greenhouse was on way, the driver was exceptionally helpful and polite. The greenhouse was easy to assemble, you just need a bit of help to put sides together. The instructions were easy to follow, but worth reading a couple of times to make sure you are following them properly! I was so impressed with the service delivered by the company and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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