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Wild Goose Barnacle 13" Kamado

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  • Cast iron charcoal grate
  • cast iron top vent
  • Bottom vent
  • Grill Rack
  • Ash Tool included free
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Built-in extra large Thermometer
  • Grill Gripper included free
  • It's an oven, a grill and a smoker
  • Ready to cook in 15 Minutes
  • Superior taste
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Wild Goose

Introducing the latest newcomer to join the Wild Goose gaggle.   The Barnacle, like its feathered namesake, is of a medium size, making it more portable than the 18" Goose, but with a greater cooking capacity than the 11" Gosling model.  Not only does it have a generous 13" grilling rack for your burgers and kebabs, the domed lid, with its 6" deep interior, allows you to roast small poultry or joints of meat.

Kamado cookers have been about for thousands of years in one form or another (it is an ancient Japanese word for 'stove' or 'cooking range'). Certainly, they have been used in China, where archaeologists have unearthed 3000 year old examples, and Indians still use Tandoor ovens today.  

Modern day Kamados brings a whole new dynamic to outdoor cooking, and If you put a priority on taste, then a ceramic grill is likely your best choice. The most common comment you will get from your guests is just how moist the meat is. The second most common comment is that you have cooked it so well (without burning it!)

Kamados are made from thick, heat retentive ceramic. As soon as you lift the lid you can sense the quality.  The ceramic tends to naturally absorb moisture which is released during cooking and this is just one reason why when you cook on a Kamado you will taste beautiful tender meats, which aren’t dried out or burnt.

Kamado grills are generally fuelled by traditional lumpwood charcoal. One of the benefits of the ceramic construction is that there is no flavor contamination (metallic taste) to the cooked food and for the same reason, lumpwood charcoal is the preferred choice for modern kamado cooking. Not only does lump charcoal create little ash, it is also made from natural wood. We strongly recommend that you only use proper lumpwood charcoal (often described as ‘Restaurant grade’) If you use alternative fuels such as charcoal briquettes or self-lighting charcoal, these can contain many additives that can contaminate the flavour of the food.

These grills use a combi­nation of ceramic, natural lump charcoal, and air flow to offer a su­perior charcoal taste and the ability to cook food at high temperatures and have it retain its moistness. You can cook as low as 100°C (for as long as 8 hours without refueling) or well over 400°C, so you can use it as an oven, a grill or a smoker and even a hot pizza oven. Your Wild Goose Kamado can be ready to use in as little as 15 minutes.

The key to the temperature control involves two things: firstly, the top and bottom precision vents control the airflow into the Kamado and this enables you to control both the temperature and the flames. Secondly, you always cook with the lid down and as the lid has a tight seal, it means that the only air intake is through your vents, giving you perfect control.

When you first get your new Wild Goose Kamado, you will need to learn all about the new cooking techniques, but we do include a comprehensive guide to this to help you get started. The thick ceramic is very durable but, of course, you should try to avoid banging it (slamming down the lid, for example) as it can break under such force. The ceramic will craze in time and occasionally chip, but this doesn’t affect the structural integrity and your cooking enjoyment.


640mm tall (approximately) 

358mm at widest point (internally)

400mm at widest point (externally)

335mm (diameter of grill rack)

Guarantee 12 months.

Q. Does the charcoal come with the Joe? If it doesn't, where do we get the right kind of lump wood charcoal?

A. It does not come with Lump wood. A good quality lump wood charcoal is needed. we have hope to have some in stock soon.

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by Bevan

Very impressed so far. Build quality is good and it feels robust and well made. Comes with a heat deflector which is an added bonus. It's pretty heavy but with 2 people to carry it its easily portable.

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