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6x4 Greenhouses

The Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of greenhouses – offering models in a range of sizes including classic 6x4 greenhouses that are ideal for small to medium-sized gardens.

Our 6-foot by 4-foot greenhouses are compact to fit comfortably in smaller gardens but don’t compromise on space, with ample room for all your gardening projects. Each of our 6x4 greenhouses provides space for staging areas and shelving and storage space for your gardening equipment and tools.

View our full range of 6x4 greenhouses below, including a range of models from Simplicity, Hercules, Alton, Swallow and Robinsons.


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6x4 Greenhouses

The Greenhouse People offers a range of 6x4 greenhouses, with both wooden frames – for a high-quality and durable finish – as well as aluminium greenhouses that are effortless to maintain.

Choose from various greenhouse designs from our 6-foot by 4-foot range, including traditional greenhouse models, lean-to greenhouses and greenhouses with curved eaves for aesthetic appeal.

To find out more about greenhouse sizing – and find the perfect model for your garden or green space – check out our buyer’s guide or contact The Greenhouse People today.

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