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Greenhouse People is the UK’s leading manufacturer of greenhouses and accessories, offering everything you need to make your projects a success.

Our greenhouse accessories are designed to help you grow healthy plants, fruits and vegetables and more all year round – regulating temperatures, protecting against pests and bacteria and generally keeping your greenhouse and garden looking beautiful.

Upgrade your greenhouse environment with our range of gardening accessories below.



Browse our range of garden equipment including heaters, cold frames and ventilators, pest control equipment and soil sterilisers and a range of greenhouse and gardening tools like hand trowels, forks, widgers, grubbers and more.

Plus, we have a range of clothing for green-fingered gardeners including protective accessories for your hands and knees to keep you safe.

For more information on how to use our greenhouse accessories and get the most of your gardening projects, read our dedicated buyer’s guide or get in touch with us today.

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