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10ft+ Wide Greenhouses


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10ft+ Wide Greenhouses

A 10ft-wide wooden greenhouse is ideal for the more serious gardener, the extra width enables to fit wider staging of 30" wide or even 36" wide in the case of the Robinsons Rosette. It¹s important that you actually make use of your extra width by planning your greenhouse layout carefully, otherwise, if you¹re not actually using the width to your advantage - (for example by having extra wide staging or wider beds for your tomatoes) then you could maybe use an 8ft wide greenhouse with the same results. That said, the 10ft wide greenhouse is often chosen by the most serious of gardeners and the Rosette particularly in 10x16 or even 10x24 is a fantastic growing environment. Remember too that with most 10ft wide greenhouses you can add an internal partition with door and this will enable you to have two separate growing areas - most commonly this might be a warm propagation area at the back of the greenhouse with a larger cool are used more in the warmer months for Tomatoes and other crops.

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